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whenever I hear "anarchism vs communism" or "anarchism vs marxism" I become 20% more marxist, anarchist and communist

most unsettling part of becoming an adult was realizing the people who write all those authoritative-sounding books and articles are complete dumbfucks just like me

cursed uspol thought 

Parallel timeline USA where the dominant political ideologies are Anarcho-Bidenism and Marxism-Nixonism

Everything should be designed like 3D printers are, honestly. Open source designs for machines made from generic components are a joy to build, quick to repair, and can be rapidly adapted to any set of circumstances ๐Ÿ™‚

oh LMAO its because the Pies somehow got the worst pitcher in the plane shuffled into their rotation

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WTF the Core Mechs just swept Philly 3-0 after said Philly Pies had a whopping 79 win season. This rocks I love splorts

a majority of student researchers at the university of california have now signed cards supporting unionization! the process is far from over (the UC will try, and already has tried, to narrow the definition of who counts as a "student researcher") but we're well on our way toward getting california's public employee relations board to officially certify the union

I saw someone online describe mRNA vaccines as telling your body to make a new type of guy to get really mad about and now I can't stop thinking about it

Is systemd vs init.d a states vs anarchy issue

Palestine / uspol 

you can't separate the US and put the blame for the colonization of Palestine on this other that is Israel. The Israel military is sanctioned and funded by the US. Many of the settlers forcibly occupying more and more space are people who migrated directly from the US. The viral video of the settler arguing that he should be able to steal the house of Palestinians is a guy who has a brooklyn accent.

homestuck bullshit 

fuck makin always and forever

religion shitpost 

This just in - the Pope has determined that LaCroix does not contain original sin

The reason why the alt right was able to infiltrate the Republican Party was because they actually will use the system. Leftist don't do that. Leftist basically want to LARP and be silly in a lot of cases. Leftist don't even try to infiltrate parties but then again a lot of leftist usually have a defeatist attitude when it comes to everything. Just like a lot of leftist can't adapt can't do things on the Fly and in any conflict if you can't adapt and if you cannot do anything on the Fly. You're going to lose that conflict. Quite simple

like electoralism is a scam and the master's tools won't dismantle the master's house and all that, but god it would be so nice to have the kind of mainstream institutional support that the alt-right has within the republican party

Thinking about how the US wanted to ban Tik Tok for doing the same things that US surveilance capitalist social media platforms do, and how people were framing Tik Tok as being worse solely as a result of coming from China

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