what if there was a website where you could look through a bunch of people's unwanted clothes, and if you found some you like then you just pay shipping.

goodnight to all my lovely friendos, you're all extremely sweet and i hope you can find joy in little things tomorrow <3

There are only two organizations on the Earth dedicated to their own self destruction: the Volentary Human Extinction Movement and the Democratic Party.

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When you are rotating a cowboy in three-dimensional space, you have to account for Yee, Pitch, and Haw

it is a testament to the human capacity for personal growth that tonight i hung out with three of my ex-girlfriends at once, and we all had a lovely and incredibly affirming evening

Lil Nas X is what you get when country, trap, and vaporwave are all popular in one generation send toot

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@crowley no worries! totally understand. Boosting is super helpful as I'm really really hoping to connect with a Seattle local with a spare room. So, thank you!

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#Help needed for 2 people who have been staying with me the last couple of months

info in #gofundme, but TLDR:
- trans women fleeing an abusive situation
- now in a precarious housing situation
- One just got a new job, but no paychecks yet
- my room is only available till the end of June so they need some short-term help

ways to help:
- DM if you have a short-term room for free/cheap
- #boost this toot 🙏
- #donation gofundme.com/transgirls-need-h

#trans #emergency #moneyhelp #seattle #pnw #fediask

stirner is eastern religion enlightenment for kids

Stirner: everything is a social construct

Buddha: you are like a little baby. watch this
If a guy is intimidated by a girl being taller than him he should just wear heels

gonna start saying "im peed" instead of "im pissed". thanks


~ Playing Mario Party ~

You landed on an ally square! You get an ally!

*Koopa lowers on to my square*

Koopa: Actually, in some ways it's even harder to be a straight person in a queer spa—


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