some people on here just need to tone down the whole being magical wonderful beings of pure adorableness

SOMEONE TRYING TO FLIRT WITH ME: sooo... whatcha thinking about~?
ME: right so like, have you ever considered for a moment the fact that all DNA spins in the same direction and that many animations and drawings just flat out get it wrong all the time? and I mean, does it really always spiral in the same direction from every angle? I'm getting lost in the geometry here of a simple double helix. Like, who decides which side is the top and bottom? is is the direction in which it is read? Even if you reversed the sides, it'd still be basically the same handedness right?

never heard the front bottoms but i assume they make music out of keymashing

I am done with half the homework for this week. Waiting to submit it till tomorrow morning so it doesn't look like I wasn't paying attention

🛎️🛎️🛎️ PLEASE BOOST AF 🛎️🛎️🛎️



today, he cut all legal aid to refugees

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Bergamot, a plant witch who refuses to wear green 🐌
#mastoart #nature #purple #oc #witch

(I did approx. five redrafts in the space of three minutes sry)

@knownrobes fuck yes babey its salt marsh harvest mouse time
these lil bebs are very special to me because they live in my backyard & they're super endangered
they're endemic to the SF bay salt marshes & are adapted to high saline levels--they can basically drink saltwater to survive if no fresh can be found. they're also good swimmers!
vp mike pence, a known piece of shit, hates these mice in addition to hating lgbtq+ folks, & thinks we spend too much $ on them, to which i say FUCK YOU MIKE

i have literally never heard of house of leaves before.

On Thursday, Arizona repealed a 1991 law banning teachers from suggesting there are safe ways to have gay sex, or portraying "homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style."

At least 6 other states have curriculum laws around LGBTQ issues.

they call the blue stuff barbicide to trick u .... it's actually barbicider, and each barber drinks the entire jar at the end of their shift

Guys: “Well you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, it’s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.”

Also guys: “Elon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, he’s such a genius, I love him.”

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