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Deaf, ph disabled Indigenous agriculture educator and mother in need of car repair and groceries for her autistic teens, her livestock are at immediate risk the longer she can't access them/find a ride #mutualaid @mutualaid

currently at $150 of $500

PayPal @SusanG1313
Cashapp $SuzEQ1313
Venmo @SuzEQ13

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Susan is an Indigenous Deaf ND mom. She lives with brain and arm injuries from a drunk driver and her husband, her support, was trapped in Mexico by Trump admin.
Her car requires repair, this is urgent as she cares for many live farm animals on a different property and her kids need medical transport. She also badly needs groceries and food banks don’t carry food they can eat. #mutualaid @mutualaid

currently at $100 of $500

PayPal @SusanG1313
Cashapp $SuzEQ1313
Venmo @SuzEQ13

@dancingCactus Hey Soph did you read Chapter 4 of Psycholonials yet? Because I just did and what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

i do think apartment towers could be more interesting looking eg what if the tower looked like a literal filing cabinet? every drawer would be an apartment


Oh god. The crabs are back. fuck

if i had a nickel for everytime a tumblrite accidently reinvented the hays code, i would have two nickels

mutual aid, PLEASE BOOST, seizures 


Black single mother desperately needs funds for her seizure medication. She’s been without it and has had two seizures already. Please spread this around and donate if you can, it’s really bad. She’s also struggling to make rent as well. Please, please help.

Podcast this podcast that what about the pod bay doors, Hal?

Trillbilly Workers Party rated best leftist podcast to dissociate to

catch me slobbering all over the door handle at the public library the moment i'm vaccinated

A group of Black revolutionaries have started an autonomous zone named #OrishaLand in #Austin, #Texas. They've already done a lot to fight #gentrification by organizing material support & political education for the local Black community. It's a real glimmer of hope for what has otherwise been a shitty #BlackHistoryMonth.

For more about their recent efforts:

On social media:
Instagram: @400and1
Twitter: @_400and1
Facebook: /400and1

putting torches in my bio to keep sex pests from spawning

money beg 2, boost please <3 

Did this a week or so ago but I'm still short about $400 for next month and I'm an unemployed trans girl with basically 0 income. If you can help out at all it'd be really appreciated, I'm trying to get together whatever I can rn ahah

Trillbilly Workers Party rated best leftist podcast to dissociate to

Might fuck around and compare Homestuck to Neal Stephenson's Seveneves

washington state bird psa 

take down bird feeders for the next couple months if you've got 'em, washingtonians

whenever I hear "anarchism vs communism" or "anarchism vs marxism" I become 20% more marxist, anarchist and communist

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