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type of guy who mixes up expo markers and sharpies (me)

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whenever I hear "anarchism vs communism" or "anarchism vs marxism" I become 20% more marxist, anarchist and communist

Here's how a car collided with and killed my dad over Wi-Fi

The Tapestry spoilers 

@nessotropheion also I'm,,, obsessed with Ainsaiwalism as a feature of this world? It's like

Andy Weir, totally normal: What if everyone had the same soul and it passed backwards and forwards in time like the one-electron universe until it was done
Monckat, massive bong rip: and what if that idea was the basis for a transnational, universalizing religion that became the guiding light of a global communist project

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@nessotropheion ok I'm all caught up on The Tapestry

it is, and I say this with the upmost respect and admiration, the most INTJ shit I have ever read. I have never felt this personally seen or called out by any piece of media in my entire life. A couple of times through this I had to put down the tablet and pace around my room swearing under my breath because I legitimately can't handle how many levels this is on

Thank you so much for telling me about this I am going to be watching and stanning INTENSELY from here on out

Help Needed!

anyone in the Fediverse have experience navigating the United States mental health systems? Particularly with any knowledge of longer term residential MH facilities and how to talk to mental health social workers.

I am helping a loved one, and trying to figure it out mostly on my own.. and it’s real hard.

Boosts very welcome.

of course the house is haunted. all houses are haunted, dummy

Tag yourself, which type of lady are you?

"Type of lady who has _____ plastered on a significant number of her belongings, and possibly on her person."

Most consequential political slogan of the 2021 Municipal election cycle

@nessotropheion Ok The Tapestry is a Homestuck fanwork set in Paradox Space but it's also on some Kim Stanley Robinson political hard sci-fi shit. I am going to become Feral

Decentralization without a concept of politics is no different from current centralization.

Going further, decentralization without a concept of people-centric/communal politics is doomed to repeat and reform itself into a centralized system (see the Internet, e-mail, etc)

🚨Urgent Indigenous Autistic Need 🚨

Zach is a medically complex autistic Ojibwe and Ponca youth, he depends heavily on his phone for communication and engagement with the world around him. His phone is broken, and his mother (also autistic, disabled and Deaf) has no way to obtain one. $300 will get him what he needs, refurbished and unlocked. Any boosts or assistance are beyond appreciated!

@mutualaid #mutualaid #indigenous

Venmo: SuzEQ13

sandblasting my body for that summer look

Dropping my posts off at the post office for delivery to the TL in two to five business days

So this is a loooomng shot Fediverse ask but -

A good friend and comrade of mine needs to go to Mexico (likely Tijuana) for dental work, because she needs triple root canals and can't afford it in the US. She's currently planning to do it alone - flying into San Diego, public transit to the border, walking into Mexico, taking a cab to the clinic, then all the way back while recovering from anesthetic.

Is there anyone on here who lives in that part of California or Mexico and could help her with any part of that journey? She's never been to that part of the world and would rather not do it alone.

mild lewd, bad 

Sterile? Forget sterile. I'm gonna make a wifi signal so strong it blows my nuts clean off my body

@nessotropheion I started reading The Tapestry. I've only known Sosav Frauhoul for 15 minutes but I would die to protect her

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