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Practice giving away your wealth and living with less

Practice deriving joy from what does not need to be consumed, from what already exists, from what is free.

Practice occasionally denying yourself things you feel an impulse to purchase but don't need, and could derive that pleasure from something you already have. Appreciate the Old Version. Appreciate the back catalog. Appreciate the rickety couch and the stained pan and the out-of-fashion jeans.

Appreciate the non-material sources of joy.

But on a serious note, I'd like to make this year's Black History Month posts/thread about the multitude of blackness and black communities.

There are black people with blond hair, straight hair, blue eyes, pale skin, red hair, freckles. There are gay black people and bi black people and polyam black people and trans black people and enby black people. There are neuroatypical and mentally ill and disabled black people.

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It's black history month aka the month of my people aka a month to celebrate and commemorate and remember perseverance and culture and triumph and beauty and the viciousness of the world.

I know this is saying a lot but credit scores might be the most insidious weapon capitalism has in its arsenal.

@Dayglochainsaw lmao at all the people gasping in horror at those Chinese Social Reputation systems like, bro we Extremely Already Have That

Americans have won the world championship of "Not Recognizing Something Awful When It's Called Something Else And We Do It" for like six decades running


americans: damn the iraq war went pretty bad huh that was a mistake

us state department, 10 years later: that guy over there is a dictator

americans: holy shit fucking invade his ass right now

Mastodon culture is a direct result of its non-monetization. No need to artificially add weight to voices strategically determined to hold your attention and make you see more ads. No algorithm feeding you posts designed to stoke your outrage, keeping you engaged with the platform for longer than you otherwise would have been, longer than you would have liked. No AI gatekeepers preventing important posts from people who care about you showing up in your feed.

The medium is the message.

You are all my comrades.

Plus the room gets a lot of sunlight so I’m gonna be growing things for the 2.5 months there. I’m excited to move in! Their bookshelf is full of amazing books that they said to feel free to read from so yay for that

So the sublet I found yesterday didn’t actually take me because their slumlord landlord was creating issues for the building to the point that housing department was looking into the building.

Butttt I found another room, and even tho it’s $175 more expensive and the commute is twice as long, the apt was really nice with a big kitchen (for nyc standards). Plus one of the house mates I randomly knew from this anti racist org i was a part of, so it’s good peoples! and it’s a lgbt friendly apt

Facebook just hired a handful of its toughest privacy critics

*worriedly checks self* Oh, phew, you mean the ones who were up for sale and never really its critics to begin with.

Also see:

#SurveillanceCapitalism #WhiteWashing #Corruption Via @foggy

multitasking between doing work badly and doing posts badly, fuckin renaissance man over here

I saw an ad for this game on ins****am and I thought it was a parody at first. But no it’s real. The world is a joke

Siri, how can I stop technology from mediating every experience I have?


I’m getting back to poetry again. It feels good to write

every time you come up with some gatekeeping method to prevent people from pursuing art my desire to implement communism grows tenfold

you: too many people want to be artists and thats just tough luck, you cant run an economy like that

me: liberate humanity from wage slavery so everyone can pursue their human interests

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