Pass It On is a wiki for sharing ways to pass on useful items that would otherwise get thrown away.

is great, but is better.

So we're actively looking for details of organisations who can reuse odd items such as (but not limited to): plastic plant-pots, duvets, Christmas trees, knickers, jewellery, used stamps...

We know there are people out there who can use the stuff we'd otherwise throw away.

We know there are people who want to dispose of unwanted stuff responsibly but don't want to spend all their time and energy searching for places to give it to.

We want to connect those two groups and reduce the amount of unnecessary landfill waste.

You can help! Follow, boost, share your info.

@pass_it_on This is a great project!! Is it just by contacting you that we can add info to the wiki? I'm not familiar with google sites but I'm definitely up for providing info / links to some Canadian organizations that take odds n ends when i have a chance to put the info together :)

one good one off the top of my head is Diabetes Canada, they will take a lot of electronics and household items as well as the usual clothing items and in some areas they'll actually come and pick up the donation for you, which can be really helpful if you can't transport items easily. they're not exactly a grassroots organization or anything (theyre pretty massive and have a huge budget), but they are v convenient if there's a lot you want to get rid of but don't want going to the landfill.

here's a link to their list of what they will / won't take:

@cosmic OMG I'm so happy to get this response! This is the most encouraging and useful response I've had since I started the site over a year ago!

The site was originally supposed to be just for the UK but I can't see any reason why I shouldn't list your source anyway. I'll add it tomorrow. Thanks again.

@cosmic Oh, and to answer your question: I didn't know how to set up a "real" (editable by strangers) wiki when I set it up, so I just did something in Google Sites thinking I could add contributions myself.

If anyone felt like they had a LOT to add/really wanted to help I could probably set them up as a contributor with their own login once I work out how.

I'm not super tech-savvy, I just work things out as and when I need them!

@pass_it_on @cosmic There's Wikia. Otherwise I'd consider just asking someone to host the wiki, using Google is not a good idea in the long term.

@pass_it_on Crayola takes back used up markers, even from different brands! If you don't have enough to justify mailing them, you can probably find a local school that does it already and give them to it

Also, idk if you've heard of the British company Terracycle? They apparently recycle a ton of uncommon things. @UnconventionalEmma wrote a cool short article that talks about them here:

@pass_it_on Oh, and ShareWaste is an app that'll connect people with organic waste (i.e. everyone) to people with composters

@pass_it_on Check out They're pretty much local to Salt Lake City, but you might be able to arrange to ship them a box. They take donations of leftover art supplies and handtools and resell them at very low cost to help out creative types on a budget, while also keeping things out of the landfill.

@Mafdet @pass_it_on

SCRAP in Portland, Oregon (U.S.) is a similar org. (Read their most current "We Accept..." and "We Don't Accept..." lists carefully before donating, though.)

I somewhere should still have a list with webpages/initatives that where centerd around the idea of sharing resources. When I find it again, I'll pass it on to you.
About sharing your site with others:
I do not feel comfortable with promoting #google, so I don't.
(it might sound alinating to you, but they have way more influence on society then we expect, and not for the better)

@pass_it_on this is a good cause. I’ll help you find the kind of site you need. 😀

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