i'm still so hyped from yesterday's org meeting!! leftists? in MY majority-liberal capitalist community? it's more likely than you'd th

one thing i'm not loving about mastodon is that i can't blacklist the word qu**r :/

SOCIALIST ORG MEETING WAS A SUCCESS...we had a good group discussion about gender & then we talked about the larger organization & how to move forward

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What's the scoop on ambitious community garden projects? I've been thinking about how one could establish a community garden without dedicated land in a neighborhood by crowdfunding small gardens for everyone that have to donate part of the food produced to the community at large, homeless folks etc. "we'll set up a garden for you, but you have to give 50% of the produce to the project" tenants and people with limited space could put pots on the edges of pavement space, etc

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A reminder for newcomers:

Here are the terms of use of the fediverse in case you missed them when you signed up

@darkmeow159 thank you! i'm nervous but excited

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i’m gonna go to a socialist club meeting on college campus 2nite! wish me luck...

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[sees a cop] disgusting. they shouldnt be out in public. how am i supposed to explain that to my kids

@lovesick yes & being AMAB (assigned mayonnaise at birth) is the only way to get into heaven

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Precious Plastic; a set of plastic recycling equipment, and all the resources you need to organize, start, and run a workshop with it

They're currently looking for more volunteers and supporters to launch Version 4!


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speaking as infrastructure as resistance libraries' continued existence is a MAJOR act of resistance against the Capitalist World At Large's need to profit and drove me into a degree as a librarian. supporting public libraries brings resources to the community-at-large instead of those who can afford them alone and i just have a LOT of feelings about libraries??

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cop: sir would you care to explain your "H8 COPS" plate, please?
me: sure, h and 8 together kinda sounds like 'hate' and i fucking hate cops

infrastructure as resistance is SUCH a sexy concept & i'm glad we're talking about it. Let's Make Being Evil Unprofitable

@socalledunitedstates yeah i guess i'm just reflecting! how do we effectively distribute the resources/talents/strength we already have? what steps would i, personally, be able to take to help organize others?

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