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So! wenn auch sehr spät, aber ich habe es endlich mal geschafft (unter anderem) die tollen Samen von @opensourceseeds unter die Erde zu bringen. 🌱
Mal sehen ob es noch Klappt 🤞

What is your preference regarding dark mode on

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To improve your sleep and save energy on your displaying device as well as to be in continuity with our appearance on Mastodon and in the Matrix, we changed our web-instance now to "dark mode", meaning white letters on a dark/greyish background:

What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the poll in the next toot.

Today on April 14, in the United States of America, it is celebrated the National Gardening Day.

We encourage you to celebrate this around the world and wish you a happy day and happy gardening :_earth:

We think that the idea and philosophy of the matches very well with ours, where a network of many different "Open Source Gardens" - so called "Instances" - grow decentrally in the wild and connect and share with each other.

That is why after two years of happily using this Mastodon account, we decided to give something back and support our lovely host : an anticapitalist, antifascist instance that is run collectively.

Thank you so much for offering us this beautful place far far away from big tech <3


@opensourcegardens and if it happens that you live in #Berlin, you can DM me and pass by my place, have a a chat and pick up #OpenSourceSeeds of #Sunviva, #Vivaroma, #Vivagrande and #BlackHeart

It is late ... but not yet too late. We can send out some final starter-kits with for Easter \°/

The amount is however unfortunately limited, so be quick, order your seeds, join our community, grow an open source garden and connect with like-minded people across Europe:

My #OpenSourceSeeds tomatoes got big enough to prick them out last week, and to replant them in larger pots!

All of them appeared - 3 sorts and 4 of each. There is one in the background where it seemed like 2 appeared from one seed, but when I was sowing them there was *one* that looked like two seeds were sticked together and I'm pretty sure that's the reason 🙂 🍅 🌱 🌞

#OpenSourceGardens #OpenSourceSeeds #Sunviva #Vivagrande #Vivaroma

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Zufällig gesehen: Die Südstadt hat also einen #bienenretter Blumensamenautomaten. Wenn dir die Stadt zu grau ist, Saatgut ziehen und begrünen! #UrbanGardening

@bjoerns @opensourceseeds @opensourcegardens Tomatoes were also fast for me, all three variants; only the black heart made me worry, but finally... after 15 days... :-)

My little #Sunviva babies are growing <3

Strange thing is I am acutally sure I put only one seed into the soil in the corner but there are two growing ... is that possible?

#OpenSourceSeeds #ConnectingGardens

Do you know about our initiative? We send out for you to . Get inspired like Michael is:

"Just as an aside this is in support of a local squatted community garden taken as a response to a garden destroyed by the council as part of a gentrification plan. If you like we can write you up something about the struggle and history of the situation. And send you pics."

Take part now, don't be late:

🌱 Die #Sunviva Tomaten wachsen ziemlich schnell - nach ~5 Wochen sind manche schon über 15cm.

Vorne links im dunklen Topf verstecken sich #BlackHeart Chili - noch deutlich kleiner.

Danke für die Samen @c0c0bird


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