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@tricia Yes, and to make things worse, some store-bought varieties won't even propagate from seed (hybrid, sterile, seedless) or are copyrighted.
To keep our freedom of gardening, use #OpenSourceSeeds!

I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

We are delighted by a beautiful Indian Summer period at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin and use the days to harvest tasty yellow freedom.

From garden to plate, we hope you enjoy your yield, too!

It is a pleasure to see and it feels so true how "all relevant CMSs grow in one place" in the . This is exactly the mix of competition and cooperation that feels safe, sustainable and empowering:
"Brought to you by the themselves - welcome to the Garden where all the plants grow peacefully side by side!" <3

Grow gardens, communities and cooperation - not capitalism!

With the heat coming back, in just two weeks, our tomatoes turned from mainly green to mainly yellow.

btw: It is incredible to see how much better our Sunviva grew in a big raised bed, in an open field, and exposed to the sun in comparison to sisters we grew in pots at home.

So let us keep the of this plant and create a line adapted to raised beds / the Tempelhofer Feld : )

"Mit vereinten Gärten" ist ein Netzwerk von Hobbygärtner*innen die mit einem Ansatz unter realen Feldbedingungen
gemeinsam neue Sorten züchten helfen - jede*r im eigenen .

Aktuell werden alte Sorten von mit einer Toleranz gegenüber gezüchtet.

"Der Vorteil solcher toleranten Sorten ist eine langfristige und nachhaltige Nutzung bei fairem Saatgutpreis ohne Patente"

Du kannst dich jetzt anmelden um 2021 mitzumachen:

Juhu \°/ Der @PrototypeFund fördert die Entwicklung einer <3

Die Lösung soll ein an die individuellen Bedürfnisse einzelner Initiativen anpassbarer Werkzeugkasten werden: Von der Kartierung des Gartens und Pflanzpläne, über die Orga von Workshops, Terminen und Sensoren bis zur Bienenvölkerverwaltung und einer Erfahrungsdokumentation für und Pflanzen.

Open Source for Open Gardens!

Sunday noon and we are enjoying the harvest season with an exquisite vegan chili, spiced up with the delicious taste of our chili.

There is still some time to come until all ingredients will be free and , but today it feels like we are at on the right track. Join in and share your fruits and foods as well.

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Viva !

Our little garden has grown steadily in the recent sunny period and soon we will reap a lot of tasty yellow freedom ^^

Our first corncob is ready to eat. And its surface is actually surprisingly similar to the one from the sun 🌞

Attached, left: Our corncob
right: surface of the sun, taken with the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope by NSO/AURA/NSF

" is a farmer-led network of people’s organizations, NGOs and scientists working towards the use and management of through ’ control of genetic and biological resources, agricultural production and associated " - by sharing!

Open sourcing is sharing.
Sharing is Caring.

Update: been (physically) to work yesterday and saw one of the #SeedBombs 'boom'ed up since March 🤗🌿💚

I saw two more today but didn't take the time take a picture.

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