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Since humans are staying home these days, I can enjoy watching a #fox #family every day who found home in the empty school yard next to my house.

#foxcontent #berlin

So ein Umzug... vom Minigewaechshaus in den Topf... ist aber auch anstrengend. Die kleinen Leute haengen noch etwas durch, rappeln sich aber schon wieder :-)

/cc @opensourcegardens

#OpensourceSeeds #OpensourceGardens

“There is a lot of talk about returning to ‘normal’ after the COVID-19 outbreak.
But normal was a crisis.”
- Greta Thunberg

#GretaThunberg #Quote #COVID19 #CoronaCrisis #ClimateCrisis #FridaysForFuture

After planting lots of bulbs in Autumn, the front garden is starting to shine in early Spring.

The tree in the middle is a Quince.

#florespondence #gardening #Plants

If you are at home now, you feel lonely or unprofitable, than make yourself aware that plants do not transmit . And that in many jurisdictions garden-shops are still open as shops with necessities.

Look around in your place, find a good spot that could be used to grow new plants. Some plants even grow with little light and need no window-spot. Go into a garden shop, grow and take care of a new plant. It will give back to you and become a part of your surrounding family.

Take care!

Please spread the word that SBC is not being shut down. And no one needs to scramble to save their content as it is not being deleted. #Sunbeam #SBC #SunbeamCity

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With Solarpunk action week 2020 almost here I thought it would be a good time to give a primer on how to make seedbombs.

#solarpunk #solarpunkActionWeek #SolarpunkDIY

Today, we are joining the opening of a new seed library "reWILD Saatgut" from 3pm - 7pm, at Wildenbruchstr. 24, 12045 , Germany:

"Come along for , tasty treats, discussions and getting to know your local neighbors."

We will bring and seedlings.


Der Frühling steht vor der Tür, und es ist Zeit, mit dem Anbau von pflanzbereiten Setzlingen zu beginnen.
Diesen Samstag, 07.03., von 15.00-19.00 Uhr, eröffnen wir die Saatgutbibliothek in der Wildenbruchstr. 24, 12045 , Deutschland.

Kommt vorbei für , Leckereien, Diskussionen und zum Kennenlernen eurer Nachbarn.

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Seedbomb production started...

Inside: sunflower, nigella damascena, maple, and onion seeds.

Looking forward to the daily commutes this season 🌱 🍁

Lust auf einen or lust darauf anderen dabei zu helfen? Offenheit säen und Freiheit ernten?

Dann komm morgen zu unserem Treffen zwischen 16:00 und 18:00 in , :

Hol dir Saatgut von (Mais), , , (Tomaten), (Weizen) and (Paprika).

Außerdem haben wir leckeres Open Source : )

Lassen wir uns die Freiheit wieder schmecken!


Are you interested in growing an or help others to do so? To sow open and reap freedom?

Then come tomorrow between 16:00 and 18:00 to our next meeting in , :

Pick up seeds from (Corn), , , ( all Tomatoes), (Wheat) and (Paprika).

Also we have some tasty Open Source , preview atttached : )

Let's put the freedom back into our food!


Quick reminder that tonight at 18:00 to 20:00 is the next meeting in Neukölln, Berlin.

We come together to get to know each other and to distribute from (Corn), (Tomato), (Tomato), (Tomato), (Wheat) and (Paprika).

Also @ReWILDSaatgut will be there to distribute seeds and have a chat.

If you are looking for seeds or like to join the conversation, pass by. Pick up some seeds, create your own Open Source Garden or help others to do so.

Find more info at

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