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new somewhat stream-of-conscious newsletter for the solstice about compassion, sand, and other musings

Canal Swans #16 - Snow On The Lake

using a code template I made for myself five years ago, and is proving helpful again today, and feeling thankful for all the small ways younger versions of myself tried to plant seeds for the future in the ways that they knew how

one of the most repeated effects I experience of microdosing lsd is greater desire to clean my living space

reimagined walking around my house alone looking for where I misplaced my phone as a meditative ritual instead of as a pathology and then started laughing

This morning, after waking up, and then falling back asleep, I had a lucid dream,

I realized I was dreaming, I flew around a lake, and there were vivid red trees on the shore with leaves flickering that were very beautiful. When I flew too fast, the images would start to fall apart, and I would slow down. At one point I discovered some snow, I let myself sink into it, and I fell deeper and deeper, hundreds of meters into the earth, a part of me was terrified that I would be stuck, but another part of me remembered I was dreaming the whole time and allowed myself to fall deeper and deeper, trusting that I would be able to wake up if I really started suffocating. I woke up after sinking some great distance into the earth with miles of snow above me

imagined alternating between years of sobriety and non-sobriety over the next 10 years

e.g. in past two days,
definition of "righteous"
definition of "acknowledge"
definition of "conviction"
definition of "reconciliation"

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recently, for unclear reasons, have found myself duck-duck-going "definition of "word"" for various words I use after I send texts to people

logged onto twitter for the first time in a long time and realized it was somewhat easier for me to write there, because I dont have utopian dreams for twitter, and utopianism can be its own form of pressure

will try to channel some of that shadow energy here too

all solarpunk all the time means not enough love for the shadows

Sharing here also as a reminder to self, from @xavier.dagba

"One of the biggest invitations of our time is to become more skillful at regulating our nervous system in the unknown."

"When you release the need to demand certainty of the universe, stillness, clarity, and intuitive guidance become more readily available."

"When the future gets blurry, the invitation is not to obsessively try to predict it. The invitation is to come back into the now moment even more. Your breath and body are sacred pathways to get here."

Basically it's as if you're saying at the same time: "it doesn't matter how long it takes me..."


"all that truly matters is right now"

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Writing Research - Non-Satellite Long-Range Communications, boosts welcome 

I'm down a research hole and was wondering if there are any communications enthusiasts (I'm supposing mostly in the department of radio comms) that I could bounce some questions off of/might be able to point me in the direction of a good primer on the topic. I'm looking more specifically for information on the reliability, range, and capacity of a hypothetical future communications network on an Earth with a weakened/erratic magnetic field and an atmosphere cluttered with space debris.

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learned about the existence of "monkey wrench miffy" today. she's truly such a versatile icon!! big ups to our girl~

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@ephemeral @Anke the idea that everyone just assumes going into the library is free and the assumption that you just go there without needing any “reason” is essential to the concept. If you walked into a library and they were like why are you here it would be a different experience. Remembering that this concept was created over time by humans and we are able to recreate this type of space with a new dynamic seems really powerful. It seems like we are missing much vocabulary in this space tho

Wrote a new newsletter about misinformation, land stewardship, interdependence, and citation rabbit holes, including an image of dish towels my sister bought for me as a birthday present

Canal Swans #15 - Misinformation

thinking about everyone here who made a decision to make a change and use these platforms instead of the status quo,

and also thinking about everyone still using the mainstream platforms,

but who made a change in some other part of their life, with similar hopes, in ways that we may ourselves also not be ready for yet or even able to understand how to "onboard",

and imagining various communities of exploration and research in the future sharing what they learned with each other and weaving together into a spiral

another day, another set of jars to poke holes in the lids of

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You know cryptocurrencies will be an actually useful thing when people start purchasing drugs and shit with them again.

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is anyone still actively working on for the fediverse?

I imagine you have a secret key for your account which is stored on your laptop (or bitwarden), not the server. Then when you want to migrate your account to another instance, you can use this secret key to re-create your account on the new server. The new server makes requests to the servers of all the people that were following you, telling them to follow your new account on the new server.

Basically server migration as I think it works now, but not requiring the consent of the server you were migrating away from.

Something like this would bring one of my favorite parts of scuttlebutt, to the fediverse. I think if implemented well, without making anything more confusing.

I saw a thread about it here that was related too... about what a .mbox file would like for the fediverse

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