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currently buying a duvet
and thinking about how a younger me would have been mildly weirded out by sleeping in the energy of whoever had the duvet before,
and how with time this subconscious feeling has has become inverted, and being surrounded by used things gives me a feeling of comfort and optimism

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for three years have been following the rule,
search kleinanzeigen and if it is available there buy it there,
before buying new,
for all purchases, large and small

passing on this beautiful open call for a new art & ecology residency to the fediverse -- happening this summer in Bledow Desert, Poland

LIOS labs art & ecology residencies are programmes designed to nourish the inner and outer ecosystem. The residencies are spaces for knowledge ex-change and cultivation of regenerative body-mind practices.

This open call is especially directed to self-organized makers, artists, scientists, agents and groups of all kinds that feel the urgency of reimagining our world. We are looking for people willing to take the risk of living in the desert and working with elements as their guides in designing structures that inspire ecological living. We encourage initiatives that take in consideration local outreach, in forms of workshops and other social interventions.

The cost of 10 days residency is 185 euro. This fee includes accommodation and vegan & local food, insurance. Its a self-organized non-profit group.

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We are a housing project on Southern Fyn, Denmark. We live on the country-side and share all-the-things (money/food/tools/etc).

We do, among many other things, put great value into things like: #coops #feminism #sensitivity #nonviolentcommunication #politicalactivism #selfsufficiency #tidyworkshops and a life without #stress or #coercion.

#Svendborg Sydfyn #Myselium

writing a python script to generate anki decks from passages of rilke

returning home after a couple days to see everything still where it was, plants and cultures still growing, nice reminder of the processes that keep going in the background/shadows at all times with and without your attention

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was testing out a different dithering library and accidentally created this glitch

enjoyed imagining kleinanzeigen (german craigslist) in relation to the mall or amazon,
a sort of city-wide store where you have to bike around to get the things,
a certain beauty to it

seems surprising/remarkable that candles are silent

dreaming about how i could make my shared workspace feel more cozy and inviting

there are a lot of people and writers who are producing such powerful work, in a 24/7 timeline its all there. in a library its all there.
but oversaturation and it also loses some potency

what does reading do for you?
what does three meals a day look like?
which foods nourish you and which are more like dates on the counter?
I love dates, but they don't last long..

not sure how to put this into words

enjoying imagining where I am,
the particularities,
of where i live,
where i was before,
where i might be going next,
all as a sort of combination that isn't perfect at all but will also never come again

thinking about a time when I was on a hike with a friend in a forest that I will probably never go back to and don't even know exactly where it is
and I stopped and was looking down some train tracks that were really beautifully overgrown
and my friend was calling to me
up ahead saying that the sun was setting and we needed to get back

and I was feeling I can't soak in all this beauty and I will never be back here again and that's kind of beautiful too

while lying in the light of the full moon I didn't feel alone

turned off notifications in, not just "push notifications" but any notifications. can't see when anyone interacts with anything and find it very peaceful

making me dream about never seeing any "likes" anywhere. to never know who likes anything

perhaps a chrome extension to filter them out from fediverse?

I know I started the day on the right foot when the pressure cooker is at 15psi by 10:23 am

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song lyrics, translation 

توا ساكن بر الناس براسي
Now, I'm living in the land of others, alone
بري بعيد و باقي الحسره نواسي
My land is far, and I only have memories to comfort me

توحشت سماك
I miss your sky
و نفني بش نلقاك
and I would die for seeing you again

توحشت سماك
I miss your sky
و نفنى بش نلقاك
and I would die for seeing you again


توحشت امي وفرشي الدافي و خويا
I missed my mother, my warm bed and my brother


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mention of injury 

pulled a muscle in my neck randomly and in a lot of pain; on the plus side the things I wanted to do this week but feel disappointed I can't do now, is a nice reminder of the things that I actually really like doing

mention of sobriety, pyschoactives 

as a person who has been practicing sobriety during the lockdown and living alone this toot is half-joke half-real-life-self-care-practice

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mention of sobriety, pyschoactives 

if ur sober here are some tips
hot soup = weed
cold shower = aderal
hot water with lemon = xanax
dancing = mdma
going outside = lsd
chocolate = alcohol
baked potato = ketamine

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