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CMS recommendation? 

@cblgh mm that would be interesting. I've spent the morning researching and reading about static site generators and cmses again.... lol

also not sure if intentional, but nice use of citation as a work-around for inline links :-) ... that is a reasonable workaround for using gemini too

thought to myself "I feel stuck in a loop", and then thought "of course you feel that way, the sun is literally in a loop everyday, and the rest of the solar system too" and laughed

trying out using firefox translate extension to auto-translate my mastodon feed into german, so I can practice german while I'm here

@joemama this is also making me imagine an alternative phone that doesn’t beat around the bush, and is just a colorful rectangle you swipe around, or something like that

@joemama mm yes the fact it’s many things seems like a pretty key difference from many other objects (that also might make it confusing to brains)

I’ve also been thinking about how to redirect my stimming to slightly more nourishing forms. Like for me i think there was a period where I doomscrolled mainstream news as a stim... but it also made me feel anxious without many clear other benefits. Maybe recognizing that stimming is part of the need that’s being fulfilled is a helpful first step to figuring out what stims actually work best for you and don’t zap your life force or mine your data in the process

also curious what you redirect to, if you feel like sharing

@mibzman mm for me too. I think for me it might also be a venn diagram between these two types, but sometimes more one or more the other

has anyone ever done a study to find out how ambulance siren volume empirically effects transit times and what would be the minimum effective volume of a siren, or do they just put it at max volume

been thinking about phone use as a normalized form of stimming

@Hjgjkbojcjkn I don’t have the spoons right now, but thank you for your curiosity 🙏🏼

@focus404 *i would also be curious even before i make a digital garden (also who knows when i will find time, even though it’s something i’ve been thinking about for a while)

@focus404 fwiw I learned a bunch and enjoyed reading “Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide” by David Frawley. have also picked up a lot from talking with friends and teachers in more casual settings (also still totally not an expert). once I get a digital garden up, I want to add a section with resources and would love to hear what random sites you found too

@focus404 full disclosure: even when “stopping caffeine” I still drink matcha and decaf coffee (still containing some caffeine) as it feels easier to me than zero caffeine, but I stay away from normal coffee or mate which clearly effects my system in a much more powerful way

@focus404 ayurveda is also what inspired me to tone down the caffeine. I find “vata out of balance” to be a frequent issue for me (and a more helpful explanation of a variety of things I experience, than other frameworks I’ve encountered). my goto morning drink has been ginger tea. that concoction sounds really good, I want to try it too. where have you been reading about Ayurveda?

having stopped drinking caffeine for a period, enjoyed brewing a mate and treating it as a psychedelic experience and divinatory practice

last night dreamed i discovered a forgotten video of michael jordan playing basketball as a highschool student with two of his friends at a public basketball court near my house - they were just having a good time and doing a lot of crazy dunks, which is what most of the dream consisted of

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Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges.

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burning a black flag could be considered a way of honoring it

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flags on fire are more beautiful than flags, in general, imo

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