@garlic_onions I never knew what kitsch meant before, that makes a lot of sense

I guess I enjoy kitsch things when they are bad imitations of something I didn't like in the first place... like fake imitations of "ornate fancy decoration".... or playful imitations, like jewelry made of trash... but maybe unaware kitsch versions of nice things is what feels fake and hallow .. or im not sure.. but interesting

in the book “Reverse Hallucinations in the Archipelago”, about the legacies of colonial naturalists in Southeast Asia, I learned that many birds of paradise became endangered due to a trend in the UK at the time of putting birds of paradise feathers on hats

feels similar to me in some ways too. finding the feathers beautiful shows some recognition of appreciation, but missing the essence, that being a living being is ultimately the source of its beauty and is incompatible with being a hat

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instead of a cyberdeck I want a solardeck. Like an e-paper, daylight readable, low energy, solar powered, modular, wooden, solarpunk cyberdeck.

also not sure if this trend was before that or continued after, that’s just when I remember seeing it

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remembering when I was in brooklyn six years ago and the trend had started of “painting” advertisements as “murals” onto walls, somewhat imitating graffiti

and thought about strawberry flavored things with no strawberry etc.

enjoyed meditating in a graveyard and then biking around berlin somewhat-randomly for a few hours

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A lot of guys don't know this but a cute floral sundress is the pinnacle of tactical utility wear

- single unit convenience
- unconstrained lower body movement
- blends into background (flowers)

sometimes feel like I am a combination of things which could not possibly come to resolution with itself

("learning to be ok with not feeling ok" is an interesting phrase I learned from yung pueblo)

confusing bug in the auto-renewal configuration that I still don't totally understand / looking forward to migrating this to distributed forum software or using some framework like coop.cloud at some future point

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just fixed the hyphalfusion.network ssl certificate which had expired again

@tty i agree that would be nice. i liked that gotosocial planned to implement this

@LovesTha @werbefrei
thanks for following up!

I found the image resonant even if not exactly accurate in all ways of defining "average household",
for bringing attention to the question,
why are we spending energy day and night on these electric ads at all when there are real needs elsewhere... but always an interesting question to me how to draw the line between poetic and misleading communication... I find it good to know that its not a completely ridiculous claim though and appreciate your impulse to research ... as technically someone could grafitti anything there and take a photo of it

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RT @GreenpeaceUK@twitter.com

Can we stop being bombarded by adverts?

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playing with some poppy pods I collected in the park. they have a really interesting structure

@Hjgjkbojcjkn danke fur die deutsch uben! Ich auch empfuhle das steckt in irgendetwas ist immer nicht gut. Aber veiliecht ein loop ist nicht das problem, und ich kann sehen sie es anders

had an unusual flurry of notifications on are.na and realized it was because cory arcangel "followed" my "grow your own food of software" channel and others followed suit


CMS recommendation? 

@soapdog @aadil
it does indeed work !

CMS recommendation? 

@soapdog @aadil I'm using it now for the kiezpilz website actually :-) kiezpilz.de

CMS recommendation? 


I like lichen-with-markdown a lot,
largely for having such a simple web-based GUI for editing and live-preview, that you can easily share with a non-technical group, and being only 4 php files,

but I miss some of the features of sites I built with gatsby-mdx (like generating rss feeds, and the snappiness of clicking around with javascript page switching)

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