@RadioAngel I feel like the small questions are sometimes the hardest ones to decide ... for an art contest, maybe gold catches the eye more...

@RadioAngel I might vote gold, but both seem beautiful & with a slightly different feeling

At the beginning of June, I wrote an essay about vaccine passports and body sovereignty which I didn’t share here yet,

I imagine this is a charged subject for many folks, but I have a growing feeling that having hard conversations is needed and something I should in general practice more, with permission for myself and others to learn and grow and be misunderstood in the process.

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I feel like I may have tooted this before and forgot, pardon my short internet memory if true

while hearing from my uncle the most compelling account I've heard thus far that aliens may have an underwater base at the bottom of the ocean where they have been quietly observing humans for some time, enjoyed imagining that aliens might have been enjoying reading the poems & writing on my blog

just went and played pickup soccer in a public court for the first time since being in germany

was nervous to ask to join in my bad german; felt good to sweat and be a part of something

someone started calling me max payne which is a reference I didn't know but it still made me feel welcomed

cleaning house the day after fever breaks, cleaning my body, cleaning the floors, unclogged the sink and the water flows clearly again

internal and external feel tangibly inseparable

7:03pm - body feeling cold again, back under the covers

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@glyph currently listening to techno and staring into the sun

@glyph consumed at 10:37 am, will post trip report to erowid later

after four days at home with a fever, just took one advil.. first time taking an advil in 3 years.. and it feels like I just microdosed ecstasy alone at home lol

thinking about how in retrospect I've learned a lot of unexpected things from unexpected people, even people who were at the time really pissing me off lol

enjoying listening to boards of canada while alternating between programming, sleeping and drinking tea while self-isolating at home in a feverish haze

while half-asleep waking up imagined gentleness as a medicine and felt it was a good time to give myself some and I lay there softly for sometime until I felt rested

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The fruit trees in my yard are all fruiting babies right now and it’s very exciting. Pictured are: baby #Avocados, baby #Figs, baby #Lime and baby #Mulberry

#solarpunk #praxis

mention of being attacked 

in the past week I was physically assaulted twice by people on the street asking for money who seemed to be somewhat losing their minds — this is the first time this happened since I’ve lived in berlin. no injuries, ran away both times, but still spooked. intuitively I see a connection between this experience and the extended lockdown. I wish them peace and feel this as a small reverberation of their suffering.

interesting interview about archiving, the whole earth catalogue, the new woman's survival catalogue, the old boy's network, future proofing, the history of newsletters, and the cyberfeminism index


a part of me loves working on the computer, but for me personally I find any room I work on the computer in gets an energetic presence that makes it strange to do other things there, a sort of residue. someday I hope to work in a shack explicitly for computer work, with an inside inspired by this image by Josan Gonzales (josan.artstation.com/resume) and an outside surrounded by jungle and other computer-free zones

image found via @glyph

my ayurveda teacher got me excited about meeting the sun in the morning

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