if going at a particular speed is the best way to get somewhere, then rushing by definition means making less progress, in a long-term sense

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#Constant works together with #March, journal of art & strategy, on the topic #Publishing as protocol. There is a call out for short essays.

Read here: march.international/announcing

according to my mom “nft is when you throw your money in the toilet
crypto currency in general is also like that, because eventually you will forget your password
nft is like crypto but more extreme”

@polymerwitch @garbados based on your comments, just yesterday had a thought about deleting, peer to peer systems, and append-only lists that might be relevant. wrote it here viewer.scuttlebot.io/%25fNQzYK

basically before I also thought a peer to peer protocol without verified history would be better for deleting, but now I believe the reverse

realized the slight puzzle-like nature of writing rust,
while often annoying,
can also be enjoyable,
and is maybe part of what some people like about it

felt triggered in a constructive way from reading first two chapters of will to change by bell hooks

@nonlinear feels so much like malware in the actual AV software lol

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If common behaviours were pathologised:

MFOD - Monetary fixation obsessive disorder

DAAD - Diversity aversion & avoidance disorder

CEDD - Chronic empathy deficit disorder

LRDD - Logic & rationale deficit disorder

CFHD - Capital & financial hoarding disorder

felt briefly affirmed as non-binary when one hair-stylist wanted to charge me the "womens" price and then the other offered to charge the "mens" price

staying at friends place, curious about the books on their book shelf

a friend of mine has these really beautiful small bells in their apartment

was wondering, anyone have any ideas for how you could make small bells from things you could find in the trash?

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December’s Redecentralize Digest is out, with in this issue:

• Web3, DWeb, Web0…?
• Self-Certifying Web Protocols
• Avoiding Internet Centralization
• Exploring the Decentralized Web
• Other tips & updates and events coming up


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from “Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide” by David Frawley

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oscillating interplay between sense of purpose putting one into flow and presence, and maintaining presence as a way of living with purpose

also enjoy the semi-random interspersing of grocery lists, poetry, prayer and random things people tell me

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unstructured note-taking seems to often fit best with how I take notes and remember things

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I would like something which is exactly like simplenote but lets me optionally format text as code and self-host

I know there are many note-taking things, but I really like simplenote UI and ease of entry for some reason

I tried a nextcloud note-taking thing, but there was a bit of annoying lag

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