Back on the subject of federated moderation (masto) versus centralized (insta):

While I do believe the federated model is better in terms of a higher concentration of admins, and more personal and friendly moderation, there are other issues with it:

1. No formalized system for discussing issues with other admins (both intra- and inter-instance) and resolving things in a measured and sensible way.

2. Scuffles between different instance admins who see themselves as being on opposing sides rather than as peers/colleagues.

3. Zero accountability or review process for admins who make questionable decisions.

4. The killswitch for an instance is ultimately in the admin's hands: if they pull the plug, it's over. That's a lot of responsibility.

Not sure how to resolve these issues. Thoughts?

@dumpsterqueer I doubt they are solvable without removing admins' control over their own servers.

@mithrandir I think maybe admins need to do more to empower their users and take themselves out of the picture. I'm going to look into how to do this for Ondergrond. I don't wanna be making decisions unilaterally, it doesn't seem right.


scuttlebutt also provides an interesting alternative here, where users are more empowered and less dependent on pub admins. mastodon is currently more usable for most people than scuttlebutt and not really a direct alternative, but interesting for thinking through what blocking and defederating means.

I think my dream situation as a user, would be to somehow be able to subscribe to a blocklist that a group of people curate (using a transparent human system with review processes etc as you describe), but which also allows me to override the blocklist list when I personally want to.

with something like this, the blocklist from the admins would be a helpful tool for the user, but wouldnt disempower them, as it could be overridden

@dumpsterqueer to add on to my comment ... at some level mastodon provides this, because as a user you can move instances, which could be seen as a form of "overriding" your admins choices... but its a hassle and maybe has some stuff to be desired...

in any event thanks for sharing your thoughts and curious what you come up with for ondergrond

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