copying code from old projects to new projects,
like slowly building a workshop for oneself,
for small projects often remnants of the previous projects they came from remain,
names of the ancestors in the stale comments
sometimes multiple generations

had felt this about flying and driving other times before reading about this

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Ever thought about connecting your phone to a #LoRa module? @Hacksterio community shares how to do it using standard components like a USB port and an @Arduino Lilypad USB.

some flower some flowers

[something I made a few years ago via scripting photoshop.. to be revisited]

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The first public release of their decentralised git alternative is out (for Linux & Mac)

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Are there any anarchist collectives offering hosting for things like mastodon and email?

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On November 27, 1884—Thanksgiving Day—anarchists in the United States marched with the black flag for the first time, according to the anarchist paper The Alarm, in a demonstration protesting poverty and explicitly calling for the forcible abolition of property and wage labor. 🏴

while going on walk to find sticks and leaves for seasonal remaking of the altar,
internal debate over whether to include one of the empty capri sun juices mysteriously found all over the streets of berlin

just learned about the free speech flag - "the flag and its colors correspond to a cryptographic key which enabled users to copy HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs"

everytime im working with arduino again..
first step is trying to make it blink an led to make sure its working
.. everytime when the led starts blinking i am surprised and relieved

~ starting a thread of fragments from things I'm reading

the one good thing about german bills & beurocracy is that they are so annoying that once youve sorted them its a huge relief
perhaps how all of capitalism works

gently imagining/remembering that i have little idea whats going to happen

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