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[black writing on white background, reads: "Weak? I? Directly descended from the sun?]

from Anne Stevenson, Stone Milk; “The Myth of Medea”

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Today I've published the second edition of the Cucumber Salad Weekly newsletter! 🥒 It features an essay called "A Critique of Centralised Social Media Platforms" that I was very excited to write:

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instead, I found some screenshots of the projects from the wayback machine, and wrote some short text about the projects

it felt good to revisit and give some love to the past and past version of myself in this small way

change is constant,
different moments are connected in unexpected ways,
curious what will be happening seven years from now

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yesterday I updated my personal website to fix my three oldest projects, from 2015, that had broken links because they were deployed to a server that hasn't been running in years - an app which analyzes the words you use in your text messages and tells you things about yourself - a website where you can pay to have a number printed on a shirt, framed print, or booty shorts, showing how much you paid for it - a website where you you can come out to the world as yourself by uploading your text message history to a publicly viewable page

the links were broken because they were originally deployed to AWS and a few years ago I deleted by AWS account

I kept thinking that someday I might spin up the server again to run the projects somewhere again and properly archive the projects, but yesterday, after a few years, I realized that was never going to happen

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enjoyed imagining fun/interesting events or connections I "missed" due to missed messages etc. as positive indicators of my systems supporting me with space to rest and helping me to cultivate peace and focus for the things which are already in my life and which already often feel like too much to give my full presence and attention to

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Embroidered a little yarrow plant!
The flowers aren't up yet and I'm only just getting to know this plant, but its so pretty!

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Videogrep 2.0 is out!

Here's a tutorial about how you can use it to automatically make supercuts on the command line:

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Hey Fedi, do you know if there is a federated (perhaps even #ActivityPub-powered) cooking recipe hosting service? If not, let's 👏 make 👏 this 👏 happen!

I hate modern recipe websites. All of them are full with ads and tracking. The leading recipe hosting in my country loads over 30 different trackers, and that's excluding the ads!

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appreciating the plants, animals, cultures, and subcultures which thrive on neglect and decay

some forgotten cereal in the pantry had some moths in it,
which on one level seems kind of gross,
but also maybe its fine
(a short poem)

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"to depend on each other is to become infrastructure"
- @aliceyuanzhang

people who join here and post beautiful things not directly related to computers is such a gift,
thank you

Invitation For P4P Rust Learning Group
(invitation in website form)

for any folks who share dreams of non-extractive infrastructure, and are working in Rust, or interested in learning about Rust,

I started a public matrix channel with @glyph,

I hope it can be a space for sharing rust confusions, asking questions, sharing resources, encouraging each other's work and deepening our understanding of the language

if you're interested, you can join via this link,

beginners and experts both welcome (questions and guidance both appreciated)

there are no time requirements for joining, if you join feel free to participate whenever you have energy and availability

the term p4p means "peer for peer", and comes from the scuttlebutt community

imagined programming as a sort of elaborate finger dance

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Oh! Hello world! Thanks @notplants for the invite to! Joining a Mastodon instance feels like something I should have done long ago. It's nice to be here 🥰

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Are there already people who operate a self-sufficient instance, e.g. off-the-grid with a solar module or something else? 💚

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There's now a #permacomputing IRC channel on the Libera.Chat network.
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Hello world!

This is the account for the Artists and Hackers podcast. We cover 'art, code and community' and are excited to join post.lurk since we've been fans for a long time.

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