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Today in edible #florespondence - big leaf maple blossoms! Gonna make some pesto out of these tonight.

that part in x-men 2 where magneto makes the little balls out of the iron in the guys blood was straight up stolen from JoJo. im getting Araki on the horn, he's gonna get paid

i hav ejust been informed that Araki is avoiding any contact with hollywood because of the hundreds upon hundreds of pages he ripped off wholesale from american movies and music.

'La petite mort' is a french term for closing all your browser tabs

So students at my school do "shitposiums" every year concurrent with the official Student Symposium Series. This year, we've got:

5:50 - Pokémon and Morality
6:05 - Weird Things on the Radio
6:20 - Russian Orthodoxy and How it Came to America
6:35 - Classical Memes for Hellenistic Teens
6:50 - Vexillology: The Study of Flag Symbols
7:20 - Everything Wrong with Reptiles in Cinema
7:35 - MONOPOLY™ : Let's Give it a GO!
8:25 - The Hot Second and Other Units of Measurement
8:45 - WTF the Fuck is Homestuck?

More fun highlights from Sh!tposiums:

- Finding the biblical definition of an "ass-load" in "The Hot Second"
- Actual regional flags actually made in MS Paint in "Vexillology"
- Greek deity energy alignment charts in "Classical Memes"
- Precise comparisons of CGI reptile heads
- The organizer emitting a deep sigh while pointing at a chart of all the trolls from Homestuck in "WTF the Fuck is Homestuck"

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the absolute. i mean the absolute worst food crime i've ever seen and this isn't a joke. Show more

reminder: :bee2: 🌻

if you want to join in some of us are going to be reading Always Coming Home by Ursula Le Guin for May. you should read with us!

rolled up a character for Scarlet Heroes tonight and when my partner sees the sheet they'll know that I'm back on my bullshit

Claire is a not-without-faults-but-infinitely-precious human being and Martendoesn'treallydeservehery'know

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wtf do people use lists on here for? serious question, please tell me how you use this site function / the different possibilities, I have completely ignored it but am curious

Inside each of us are two wolves:

One is Ancap (Anarcho-Capitalist).

The other is Ancap (Anti-Capitalist).

We are all Ancaps.

I'm really just... checking every day to see if homestuck has updated, huh? it's like I'm depressed and 18 again

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