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Selected Roman holidays for March 

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I fell down an Improbable Island and Catherine Asaro hole the past week and haven't been on here as much, which is fine! I don't, like, *need* to waste hours looking at shitposts when I'm tired and want to relax, and it's nice to float between different fixations

oh boy, tomorrow I get to teach the kids how to equilateral a triangle

love when I think y'all are doing a lol random bit, and it's actually a news item I missed because I live under a rock

I speak without a filter again, and someone tearfully asks me, "Why are you so unreasonable and insensitive?"

I rip open my shirt. On the left tit is tattooed "Logic sometimes makes monsters" — Henri Poincaré; on the right "Conscience doth make cowards of us all" — William Shakespeare.

it's warm and sunny enough outside that I can have the windows open for a little bit for the first time in months :D


for the uninitiated, HILF is an acronym from Ursula K. Le Guin's Hainish Cycle

My notifications are totally screwed, is it just me or is it something going on with (It was down most of yesterday and I still have no idea why/what happened, or if it was just something on my end.)

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all this talk of MILFs and DILFs, no one ever talks about HILFs (High-Intelligence Life Forms)

I live in awe of those brave souls who can do their memes on a computer instead of on little scraps of paper

next year I expect everyone to cw their christmas posts with "infohazard"

food, shitpost 

my students know that I watch JJBA and talk to me about it and it's great

I am uniquely qualified to participate in horse/duck fight discourse, having helped calm a raging stallion, and having been attacked several times by my mother ducks when I had to move one of their babies, and having also raised runner ducks into lap cuddlers

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