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Selected Roman holidays for March 

anyone on here still using pokémon go? I finally have a smart phone and am trying it out, no clue what I am doing or how to add people

everyone has these cute picrew avatars. i am a man eating beans.

it amuses to see a room full of educators taking longer to simmer down when a facilitator tries to call for quiet than they would probably tolerate... and no one at my table wanting to summarize what we discussed to the rest of the room, so I had to do it...

the trauma workshop could have been worse, it was kinda corny and exhausting and I didn't learn anything new, but at least it wasn't terribly traumatizing

going to an all-day trauma workshop for educators in a little bit, and I'm like... middle-key dreading it

What are people's most-recommended (or least derided) Mastodon phone apps?

I just got my first smart phone, and I don't intend on actually using the app right now, just keeping it around in case of laptop failure

slurs, french theory 

Short list of anime I can't believe I watched:

— Anything with "ore" in the title

also, people are welcome to add me on Steam!! I'm nittofulaks on there.

I've only really used the platform to play Oblivion, Left 4 Dead (my partner and I would love more teammates), FTL, and Terraria. I also have Left 4 Dead 2 and Stalker that I have yet to boot up.

Things I Have Been Up To: 

you ever just, punch yourself in the face when you go to adjust your glasses when you aren't wearing them?

I'm relocating my polytheist/witchy stuff to @nessotropheion and giving that space a go! Posts will be... sparse, probably! But I'm trying.

Someone in our apartment complex left this 3x4 glitchy-looking neon turquoise, pink, and purple painting of roses by the dumpster... so guess what's gonna get hung in our bedroom now.

My partner and I went to a thrift store looking for some specific cookware items and some more skirts, and we left with a copy of Georges Lefebvre's "The Coming of the French Revolution" and a Gilbert Williams painting of a wizard.

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