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I've really enjoyed the year I spent here on sunbeam and I'm very happy to have been here. I'm looking forward to a new space! You can find me @nessotropheion

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I have to say, "Morning Mood" from the Peer Gynt Suite is a terrible choice of hold music for a medical billing office, because I was sitting there for 20 mins thinking about the death scene in Soylent Green.

it's an overcast late winter afternoon in oregon. someone outside my apartment is blasting the beach boys. it is the first time I've recognized any music my neighbors have played.

I was in the bathroom and was too lazy to replace the toilet roll and thought to myself, "Whoever uses it next can do it," then realized, that's me. I will use it next. Still didn't replace it though.

tfw your instance hides follower counts and you're looking over your partner's shoulder at their masto and you see your own follower count (or anyone's really) and it's just like, wtf

this book has such calming vibes, which I am spoiling, by listening to neil cicierega

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"He hadn't got used to being free yet. . . Well, he would like now to get up and look out of that window and see if his garden was really there. His garden! He thought with a secret feeling, half pity and half shame, of those yellowed old seed catalogues which had come, varnished and brilliant and new, year after year, so long ago, which he'd looked at so hard and so long in the evenings, and put away to get yellow and sallow like his face. . . and his hopes. It must be almost time to 'make garden', he thought. . . He would have just time to get himself settled in his house. . . he felt an absurd young flush come up under his grizzled beard at this phrase. . . 'his house', his own house, with bookshelves, and a garden. How he loved it all already! . . He sat there in the comfortable old arm-chair at rest as never before. He thought, 'This is the way I'm going to feel right along, every day, all the time,' and closed his eyes."

— "The Brimming Cup", Dorothy Canfield (1919)

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Ĉu "ret-knabo" estas bona traduko de "eboy"? Ĉu eble "e-knabo" estas pli bona?

I live in constant fear that someone who looks like me will become famous

"This bag is not a toy" has the same energy as "This is not a place of honor"


I like grocery shopping at night because I get to commingle with other Quality Folks similar to myself

I have nothing but respect for the tech guy at my local Staples. Not only is he helpful, but his mien is excellent. He has an impeccably groomed sideburns-moustache-beard combo; he invariably refers to phone calls as "clone falls"; he dressed up as a cowboy for halloween and kept his staff walkie-talkie in the gun holster.

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