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Today is Lupercalia, and Parentalia continues!

Run around, chase out any bad shit that's blocking your way, and while you're at it, pour out another one for your beloved dead.

💐 🏺 🐺 ⚱️ 🐐 🕯️ 🥚

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Priapus Shitposting from Ancient Greece

So I am a god, of thieves and birds
a very great scarer; for my right hand curbs thieves,
as does the red pole which projects from my indecent groin;
but as for the importunate birds, the reed fixed on my head
terrifies them and forbids them to settle in the new gardens.

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Technically it's only Diarrhea if it's produced in the Diarrhea region of France, otherwise it's just a soft turd

I've got people to reply to but my students were a fucking nightmare today and I'm an exhausted wreck, sorry guys, it'll happen tomorrow 😣

smash the world shell! for the revolution of the world!

Today is Faunalia, and the start of Parentalia! Pour one out for Faunus and give some love to your beloved dead.

What helps you feel comfortable and safe communicating your boundaries?

roses are red
i make a dime
that's why i shit on

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