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"What if social theory offered more than vying flavours of anti-humanism? What if our logic could express the wriggling queer forms that are now hatched nightly, by the desperate and the very online? What if we had a rationalism as weird as our everyday conditions?"

the underclassmen have been doing their yearly poetry memorization assignment, so I did my yearly "memorize one of their poems, while working" as a private flex. this time it was "A Birthday" by Christina Rossetti.

a lot of my students wear Friends merch to school and ask me if I like the show, then act hurt/ confused/ condescending when I say that I have purposefully never watched the show and have no intentions to start

Check out this absolute unit of a city I managed to complete in Carcassonne tonight. This baby was worth 36 points (I still lost the game).

I wish I had photos of the collages I did back in high school so I could see wtf I was thinking. If I didn't throw them away at some point they're somewhere in a box in Idaho.

why do you guys gotta do the funny bits seemingly only when I'm offline trying to do a relationship

I have had two back-to-back mild colds, and it is ridiculous, but not debilitating. It feels like every students and staff member I've interacted with the last two weeks has been sick.


ate a grapefruit with a spoon for the first time since I got glasses, and found myself flinching and squinting away from it when it squirted, and realized that I have protection now

let's play gay chicken! we can make chicken noises while being Gay 🐔 😤 💦

danshi koukousei? in my nichijou? it's more likely than you think

apparently I'm smart because I can just explain the meaning or spelling of words like "isomorphic" and "inexorable" on the fly whereas other teachers I work with have to look things up

me: I'll read these things later, gotta put them in tabs

my tabs:

me: *reads 11 books in a hard sci-fi romance series*

my tabs:

the road construction in my neighborhood (ongoing since the start of summer) feels almost done! and, unexpectedly, we're getting sidewalks! I'll be able to walk to the park with sidewalks the whole way!

Open offer to anyone in the Roseburg OR (or wider) area who wants a clothes/makeup shopping buddy! If you'd feel more comfortable accompanying an afab trans person who "looks like a girl" so you have plausible deniability in women's sections, I've done that for people before. I just realized that this is a service that people beyond my closest friends might find useful. :boost_ok:

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