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Designer and developer, living aboard a sailboat — Drifting somewhere in the South Pacific ocean. 100% solar powered, building FOSS and Raspberry Pi projects. Salut, je me demandais, j'aimerais changer d'instance Masto et j'aime bien Tilde, sais-tu comment ca fonctionne pour recevoir une invitation?

Architecture Astronauts are people that have a habit of practicing architecture astronomy, that is, the art of coming up with meaningless abstractions detached from real world problems.

punk: stealing a computer from a corporation

cyberpunk: jacking into a solar panel on the side of the highway to power your computer

solarpunk: turning off your computer and taking a nap in the sun to process all you learned

The Key Principles of the IndieWeb.

— Own your data, content, metadata and your identity.
— Publish data for humans first, machines second.
— Scratch Your Own Itches. Make tools, templates, etc. for yourself first.
— Use what you make!
— Document your stuff.
— Open source your stuff!
— UX and design is more important than protocols, formats, and data models.
— Build platform agnostic platforms.
— Longevity. Build for the long web.
— Plurality.
— Have fun.

although I don't live on a ship my kitchenware would match the lifestyle.

it only consists of a Light My Fire Mealkit 2.0, a mug, a pan, a pot and a wooden spatula.

This is a model of a Roman kitchen from 1 AD, over 2000 years ago. I like it because it's still basically recognizable as a kitchen. I wanted to share this because to me this shows that some human things never really change, and I think that's nice.

@neauoire Months, whoa! 💨 Jó szelet! ⛵ Which is roughly 'Safe winds!' in Hungarian :)

Pulled out our cold weather gear from storage. Getting ready to leave.

Is it possible to host a static json file somewhere that is read as a user from a mastodon instance?

Spent some time tinkering with the bash implementation of @neauoire's Desamber clock by @joshavanier so that it looked alright Polybar

Tiny progress on tiny camera.
Got buttons working and output custom fonts to blit.

It looks as if we might be leaving on Monday. That will mean being afk for a few months, away from any city, and away from internet. As we sail north toward the Marshall Islands.

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