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Cranking this dynamo for 5 minutes provides enough power to keep a LoRa32 device running for an hour. Pretty cool!

We have this window to a beautiful tree we call Júlia. I don't know why I thought of it as feminine, maybe because in portuguese tree is a feminine word (árvore). In any case the name celebrates the day we got our keys, 1st of July. The other day I set to find out more about it and learned people call it an Asp tree.

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I visited the botanical garden yesterday and saw this giant installation called "l'expedition végétale", thought that some of you might appreciate the solarpunk aesthetics of it :)

Trying to learn the names of trees with some books I found laying around at the bike storage. I believe it's a Lönn by the lack of flowers at this time of the year and shape of leaves.

Today I implemented a smol lisp parser and interpreter for a project! I wrote in javascript but I was following this super clear python implementation

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Nice take on "technology is political": "Computers have come to us via military, and then corporate accounting systems. It’s not surprising that are are about centralizing and empowering a single perspective, but that isn’t how people are. Everyone has their own story. It’s just a centralized power is easier to implement, but think a decentralized one will actually work better."

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Plotter postcard: Automation Is Deadly
Microns on cardstock

You simply can't beat Jenny Holzer for text prompts.

Truisms by Jenny Holzer
Font: Lazenby Computer by Disaster Fonts

#plottertwitter #creativecoding #axidraw #generativeart #MastoArt

I'm in tears after watching this video. A lot of the Capoeira I learned was listerning to songs, talking with Mestres, asking questions as a pupil and reading Nestor Capoeira's books. I knew many great masters had flew from Brazil for their lifes and to watch them for the first time explaining Capoeira in English is so profound...

Oh... Sorry for the slightly terrible Optical Character Recognition results :blobfacepalm:

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Theory is not inherently healing, liberatory, or revolution ary. It fulfills this function only when we ask that it do so and direct our theorizing towards this end. When I was a child, I certainly did not describe the processes of thought and critique I engaged in as "theorizing." Yet, as I suggested in Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, the possession of a term does not bring a process or practice into being (...)

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Alice Miller lets you know in her introduction to the book Prisoners of Childhood that it was her own personal struggle to recover from the wounds of childhood that led her to rethink and theorize anew prevailing social and critical thought about the meaning of childhood pain, of child abuse. In her adult life, through her practice, she experienced theory as a healing place. Significantly, she had to imagine herself in the space of childhood, to look again from that perspective, to remember "crucial information, answers to questions which had gone unanswered throughout [her] study of philosophy and psychoanalysis." When our lived experience of theorizing is fundamentally linked to processes of self-recovery, of collec tive liberation, no gap exists between theory and practice. Indeed, what such experience makes more evident is the bond between the two-that ultimately reciprocal process wherein one enables the other.

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How I envied Dorothy her journey in The Wizard of Oz, that she could travel to her worst fears and nightmares only to find at the end that "there is no place like home." Living in childhood without a sense of home, I found a place of sanctuary in "the orizing," in making sense out of what was happening. I found a place where I could imagine possible futures, a place where life could be lived differently. This "lived" experience of criti cal thinking, of reflection and analysis, because a place where I worked at explaining the hurt and making it go away. Fun damentally, I learned from this experience that theory could be a place.

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Last chapter of Teaching to Transgress talked about "Theory as Liberatory Practice" and that resonated so much with young me writing a "Libertarian Education Zine" in school after a History teacher said horrible things in class.

The capacitive touch becomes a completely different beast when running on batteries. Also after dinner I had different results! But it could be the wearing out of the batteries? At a certain point I didn't even needed to touch the plant to trigger the sounds. So.much going on with our electromagnetic fields.

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