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I'm in tears after watching this video. A lot of the Capoeira I learned was listerning to songs, talking with Mestres, asking questions as a pupil and reading Nestor Capoeira's books. I knew many great masters had flew from Brazil for their lifes and to watch them for the first time explaining Capoeira in English is so profound...

Oh... Sorry for the slightly terrible Optical Character Recognition results :blobfacepalm:

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Theory is not inherently healing, liberatory, or revolution ary. It fulfills this function only when we ask that it do so and direct our theorizing towards this end. When I was a child, I certainly did not describe the processes of thought and critique I engaged in as "theorizing." Yet, as I suggested in Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, the possession of a term does not bring a process or practice into being (...)

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Alice Miller lets you know in her introduction to the book Prisoners of Childhood that it was her own personal struggle to recover from the wounds of childhood that led her to rethink and theorize anew prevailing social and critical thought about the meaning of childhood pain, of child abuse. In her adult life, through her practice, she experienced theory as a healing place. Significantly, she had to imagine herself in the space of childhood, to look again from that perspective, to remember "crucial information, answers to questions which had gone unanswered throughout [her] study of philosophy and psychoanalysis." When our lived experience of theorizing is fundamentally linked to processes of self-recovery, of collec tive liberation, no gap exists between theory and practice. Indeed, what such experience makes more evident is the bond between the two-that ultimately reciprocal process wherein one enables the other.

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How I envied Dorothy her journey in The Wizard of Oz, that she could travel to her worst fears and nightmares only to find at the end that "there is no place like home." Living in childhood without a sense of home, I found a place of sanctuary in "the orizing," in making sense out of what was happening. I found a place where I could imagine possible futures, a place where life could be lived differently. This "lived" experience of criti cal thinking, of reflection and analysis, because a place where I worked at explaining the hurt and making it go away. Fun damentally, I learned from this experience that theory could be a place.

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Last chapter of Teaching to Transgress talked about "Theory as Liberatory Practice" and that resonated so much with young me writing a "Libertarian Education Zine" in school after a History teacher said horrible things in class.

The capacitive touch becomes a completely different beast when running on batteries. Also after dinner I had different results! But it could be the wearing out of the batteries? At a certain point I didn't even needed to touch the plant to trigger the sounds. So.much going on with our electromagnetic fields.

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I'm starting to unbox the workshop and found a box of Strawbees hovercrafts. The very worst product they ever released. Ever. Great parts, though.

Giving my berimbau a little bit more pressure, wrapping some cordage around some cracks to hold and adding a piece of plastic to protect the tip of the stick.

The resonant box is stll making the sound come out so mute. I found coconut at the African corner shop (as well as mandioca!!!) and trying to imagine what could I use from the local forest as a resonant box.

Anyone from this temperate zone knows a hard shell hollow plant I could use? Can I get gourd? Is there a gourd cousin? Pumpking?

Tapping gate. Still trying to figure out a sequencer interface to change the notes.

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combining in my mind the theories of functional programming and anarcho-communism, to become unstoppable

Right now it's 27C which is pretty warm for Sweden yet the average temperature year around in my hometown so it's a bit funny to watch people disintegrate in sweat and tears after hearing "oh, but the weather where you come from is so nice" for 8 years

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experimenting with some more new things in 8fl. first is the volume column. assigning a random stream of values to volume makes for interesting variation! the other is midi cc control functionality. i connected my akai mpk mini to renoise and used the new cc form to extract values from its knobs in my live expression. towards the end of the video i put in two cc forms to control the range of volume values and then im just playing with the knobs!

Each leaf has different sensitive parts to the capacitive touch. This one liked to be touched "behind the ears" and on the stems.

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Since we’re talking about RSS today, I want to chime in and say that it was definitely one of the great things about the 2.0-era web that have been hurt by Big Tech and social media walled gardens.

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