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I hate writing "neighbours" so I always write "vizinhos": `get_vizinhos(x, y)` is a classic.

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Then I did code game of life and placed cubes accordingly, each generation raising the Z position but again, spent most of the time playing kaleidoscope.

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I opened Blender today and thought: I'm going to code cellular automata, etc... Sure. Spent most my time looking at 3 spotlights pointing to a black floor. 🤷

Cursing at big tech 

Atom editor will be discontinued. Sometimes I feel like Microsoft has some sort of Midas touch but everything it touches becomes shit instead.

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We spent yesterday's evening in a field waiting for dusk. The sun light faded away, colors dimmed into a dark monochromatic scenery.

We used thin rays of light to reveal the intricate beauty of this rather common, unspectacular landscape.

Music courtesy of a local black bird.

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“My target user is a “little C” creator, someone who is being creative just for the fun of it, and is more interested in feeling good while creating, instead of being focused on the outcome.”

"Some children will program computers, some will consume, some will do both, some will do none. The question is which social classes are the children falling into this category and which computer activities and environments will be created around them." Mindstorms, Seymour Papert

I'm thinking a lot about the book Algorithmic Beauty of Plants while I try to learn Blender. The last time I felt this way was learning Processing and reading Nature of Code.

Nature of Code had many "copy and paste" examples in Processing but Algoritmic Beauty of Plants has very little I can use in Blender.

Two equally excellent ways to go about learning. Two different person learning.

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Collaborative canvas drawing software, Free/Libre and Open Source only:
(A software to install/with stylus pressure sensitivity/layers/etc...) 'Whiteboard'
(A web application, no stylus pressure, whiteboard)
(A web application, no stylus pressure, no opacity, whiteboard)

If you know more apps like these ones, please add them in the comments. I'm searching for a solution to stream a shared canvas with other artists.

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