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A friend raised my attention to this other quote too:

"Conflicting imperatives, paradoxes and no-win situations, he insisted, might well drive us mad, but they also spawn creativity, and even art. Faced with an impossible choice – a ‘koan’ as Zen Buddhists call it – you will be forced to revolutionise the way you think in order to move on."

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@tendigits this sounds amazing, I am curious to hear more how it was made!

"A summary of the conclusions he reached at the end of his career might run like this: both society and the environment are profoundly sick, skewed and ravaged by the Western obsession with control and power, a mindset made all the more destructive by advances in technology. However, any attempt to put things right with more intervention and more technology can only be another manifestation of the same wrongheadedness."

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This week I started working on lykin: a Scuttlebutt post reader application.

The goal of the project is to encourage Scuttlebutt application creation by developing a how-to tutorial series. lykin will serve as the demonstration application for the series.

My work on this is being funded by a Scuttlebutt community grant.


If you would re-theme minesweeper in a solarpunk way, what would you do?

@tendigits We gathered every second Tuesday at a place called Blivande, in Stockholm. I used to host it with a friend and it was pretty much a friends hang out, listening to chill music, and checking out some microbes. I have a usb microscope that is not the best but it works great! Bresser Biolux NV. I streamed once with some Scuttlebutt friends! microcosmicgazing.bananabanana

@tendigits This is the best! I used to host a microscopic gazing gathering. But we didn't had such an amazing original soundtrack!

@sejo I am not sure how this thing of presenting myself before following works, I am sorry if I did in the wrong way but hey! I'm Murilo, Brazilian creative technologist, also researching playfulness and totally inspired by paper computers, software as rituals and dance and all 🤩

@derek it is, right? I feel there is something special about a map without political borders :)

It turns out that generating the isometric tiles in 3D is so much easier! I don't think it looks as interesting as the vector version but I'm excited with the idea of mixing 3D and 2D graphics!

This version of Isoland also comes with a seed input for the random generator:

I'm much more pleased with this nature theme isometric tiles. The isometric perspective is really fun but also tricky to align and find what tile is under the mouse...

Making this was a cool exercise! I found out to generate this maps, 81 different tiles (counting rotations) are needed. Drawing them by hand was an interesting mix of boring and relaxing. It made me realise it would be a LOT OF WORK to add mountains, for instance hehehe

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