I will now be charging $5 for every opinion a cishet dude has about my body.

"The anarchist critique of seizing state power is often caricatured as being based on an abstract moral opposition to the state that ignores the harsh realities we are currently facing. Upon carefully reading historical anarchist authors, however, one discovers that the real reason why they argued that revolutionaries should not seize existing state power was because it was impractical for achieving their goals."

Fuck anarchopac is so good :anpacifism_heart:

📖 theanarchistlibrary.org/librar

🎧 invidio.us/watch?v=vsRyTWBj84E

I wish I knew flowers but I do not. The flowers I post I identify by color lol

racism in AI 

Unsurprisingly, AI has a racial bias. Facial recognition apps label and categorize people. Black people are likely to be identified as “black person” or even worse, racial slurs. On the other hand, white people are more likely to be identified as professions, careers and talents. For example, “singer,” “doctor,” or “researcher.” Transparency is necessary to stop this, according to some of the whistleblowers. telegraph.co.uk/technology/201

justseeds.org has lots of cool free graphics for the for all your protesting and sharing needs

I made a sigil for the . What do you think? I incorporated sowilo, a rune of strength, success and healing, as well as tiwaz, a rune of protection, victory and healing (again). The strike across the middle is symbolic of the actual strike. Just lending some witchiness wherever I can....

She actually turned down a medal that the mayor of paris wanted to give her saying “We do not need medals. We do not need authorities deciding about who is a 'hero' and who is 'illegal'. In fact they are in no position to make this call, because we are all equal” and she condemned the paris police for “stealing blankets from people that you force to live on the streets, while you raid protests and criminalize people that are standing up for rights of migrants and asylum seekers. ... You want to give me a medal for actions that you fight in your own ramparts”

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Good morning this isn’t exactly new but please sign this petition to free Capt. Pia Klemp who faces 20+ yrs in prison for rescuing 1000+ migrants at risk of drowning at sea while crossing the Mediterranean. change.org/p/stop-the-prosecut

@moonwater Ppl should also learn that larger photocopier/printers have huge hard drives that save the jobs on them.
Disposing of old equipment is therefore 'interesting', if not done correctly.

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