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The world's largest organism is an amarillia fungus that covers 4 square miles in Oregon. It is almost invisible though as it lives under the bark of trees.

I’m gonna make a thread of the nature pics my dad texts me each evening

Picture of a toadstool 

I'm not a fan of how cold it's getting but this is peak autumn aesthetic

Pics from our hikes in South Carolina a couple weeks ago. My sister took them 💙🌱

Is anyone good at taking care of succulents? I need help/advice

Im finally tryna officially move accounts around rather than just lettin em sit lol. This is actually gonna be my alt. My mains gonna be I think anyway I’m gonna eventually delete my but for now it’s redirecting. Anyway I’m tryna refollow everyone from my old account so yeah ❤️

Ok so I just got the toot! App and ..... it’s nice but can I use emojis on this one

Gonna go offline for a few months in the hopes that everyone will realize how much they love and appreciate me

boomers be like “the rent is due” lmao stfu

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