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Gonna go offline for a few months in the hopes that everyone will realize how much they love and appreciate me

boomers be like “the rent is due” lmao stfu

Reminder to check that you're on wifi.... I just realized I'd been on mobile data for 5 hours wups

I asked my friend if he was on mastodon and he said “maybe In another life”

my cover band, I Just Don't Think We Can Be Certain They're Giants

Boost the symbol to raise awareness, get municipal composting in every city, and usher in the future

For real my goats keep escaping and I don’t know hOw

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police brutality 

Fun game where u guess how many ppl a cop has killed and if ur right they kill u too

Someone keeps taking my foxes and I am perturbed

So Mastodon porn bots are evolving to be less obvious. Don't click links in random follows unless you can be sure they are people and when in doubt, block liberally.

this lana album is commanding autumn in to us

I am an angel on earth. A saint among sinners. A prophet among men.

Collecting license plates is amateur. I collect stolen bumpers off cars

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