Wow I just found out that color printers add coded dots onto every page you print so that it can be traced back to where and when it was printed. Umm.... did anyone else know about this

Okay there’s a tool you can use that can help you decode what’s being printed onto your paper and can also help you anonymize your printing. I would highly recommend using and sharing!

Also, Electronic Frontier Foundation was instrumental in discovering the usage of this coding mechanism and helping protect whistleblowers. They’d be a good group to support if you ever have spare cash.

@moonwater we just looked at some of our parents' printouts with a UV flashlight (blue makes the yellow dots show up black), and yeah, these dots are everywhere.


@moonwater @body yes. I believe that's how feds caught Reality Winner; The Intercept did not redact the tracking dots on the document she leaked them, an unconscionably sloppy move.

@moonwater every couple months someone learns about it and the post is then widely shared lol

@moonwater Ppl should also learn that larger photocopier/printers have huge hard drives that save the jobs on them.
Disposing of old equipment is therefore 'interesting', if not done correctly.

@moonwater Yes, that's how The Intercept got Reality Winner sent to prison.

@moonwater It seems to be only on laser color printers though. I tried to look for the code on b/w prints at university but couldn't find anything...

@phel I don’t think it’s on black and white printers. As far as I know....

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