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Today @puffinus_puffinus has transferred the burden of Sunbeam.city admin to me (temporarily) while the process of distributing the responsibility continues. Sunbeam will not be shut down...

list of things I love about my friends 

- the way their faces look when they read something they're interested in
- the way we share warmth when we have our arms over each other
- the endless conversations we can all have with our eyes
- the way one of them waves back to me the way I wave to them (I normally just bend one finger a few times because I'm anxious)
- how they check whether I'm nonverbal or just being quiet
- the ways our laugh noises all borrow from each other's
- the way we all yell Sweet Caroline in the car
- how they all love cats

A symphony in Washington is livestreaming tonight due to Covid-19. A link to the concert will be posted later today on the link below so keep an eye out. :)


Looks like I'll have to be moving my home instance? That should happen this afternoon.

in my lab looking at moss, my buddy is doing homework nearby since I offered the space, someone's nearby looking at marine invertebrates while on a conference call talking d&d...

A collection of moods I'm having 

- Devil's Spoke by Laura Marling. The lyrics "All of this can be broken/All of this can be broken"

- My friend last night. They said Thank you for being here, Thank you for all this, Thank You.

- Lavender on grey and the confusion between the colors.

- light fabric through cold air

nonverbal questions 

I'm learning that there are many times when I force myself to be verbal where I feel/would have felt much better and in control if I had let myself "turn off" speaking. Is that still considered nonverbalness when I can force myself to make stuff from noises to sentences?

There's a range of what I can make myself do and some stuff is off limits depending on the situation, but sometimes I can force myself to access a full range of verbal use. But, I feel immediate intense relief and regain my grounding if I remove the obligation to be verbal.

I'm just hoping I'm not a fluke.

can't talk to cops if you're nonverbal in stressful situations

(happy ending) back in a place of tension today. was trying to continue living my life when a hand reaches down and squeezes my shoulder. 

it's a comrade. they ask how I'm doing. their eyes are kind and their presence protective. i am safe and loved. people have my back.

Hi! Back from a weekend of traveling! It was very nice to be away from it all. Boston was beautiful and the banh mi was phenomenal

I've been particularly affected lately by something that happened at an action. I was being harassed by someone and when we briefly looked at each other, I realized that we're both poc with heritage in the same bioregion. 

and that hurt. I was acting for the lives of myself and people like me, and to know that someone I was fighting for was working against me...

something in me begs for the idea that they could change their minds, that they could be lifted from the structures they support that in fact oppress them- oppress *us*. I yearn to open my mouth. "can't you see your people will hurt you? can't you see that their ideal world will drive us both into the ground? get out, you're not safe there!"

yes, they could change and I hope they can, but I won't be the agent. I can't be. when I work for the lives and rights of my minority groups, I work for their rights too... whether they realize they need it or not. it's complicated. I wish I could write a cool article about this.

I went outside and found a huge shelf mushroom, then went inside and had a heart to heart conversation. I'll be okay.

Looking for food recommendations in ! I love breakfast but can't eat potatoes. Otherwise no limits.

math problem for those interested /s 

I register for classes on Monday at 8:00 AM PST. My flight leaves on Monday at 6:40 AM EST and arrives at 10:20 AM PST. If I'm screwed for classes for having a registration date later than yesterday, how much is a reasonable price for airplane wifi?

Hey disco elysium is on sale again you should go buy it

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