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This illustatres well how a lot of users of the big centralised platforms think, or at least how a lot of journalists portray the situation, not even mentioning the valid alternatives a lot of the time.
No thanks Google, I don't want any of that shit on my phone.

Your #router is important equipment because it connects your devices to the internet. However, many Internet Service Providers in Europe are imposing their specific routers to customers. The #FSFE helps you to become active for #RouterFreedom!

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For #OAWeek, we dive into the fight between academic publisher, Elsevier, and the researchers who are calling foul over their resistance to open access.

Just discovered #Gancio! An event platform that (partially) supports #ActivityPub and is already being used!

There are already two instances! (Torino, Italy) (Firenze, Italy)

Project website:

Code repo:

Du 30 Octobre au 3 Novembre, ce sont les Universités d'après-midi d'Automne du @tetalab !
Le programme :

Do you have *strong* opinions about free software licenses -- that you'd like to respectfully share & discuss with other license aficionados? We have just the CFP for you! #CopyleftConf Feb. 3rd in Brussels,

@dfr ... "privileged" in terms of money (that's why these services are "gratis") or skills (that's why these services are low-bareer and very focussed on usability). Maybe this is the evolution the (Software)Libre movement has to take as well: #SoftwareLibre was at some point (Four Freedoms) about empowering and providing freedoms to users back then, rather than being forced into arcane EULAs and NDAs. Maybe "Libre" right now needs to be about empowering untrained end users to be able to do ...

@dfr ... whatever they want or need to do with technology without having to go through CS study classes and without having to trust corporations or individuals in their environment to do "the right thing"...?

@dfr Well, I partially agree, but "privilege" is a good starting point. From what I see, the "internet of creation" indeed was an internet of the "privileged few" who both could afford access to it and were skilled enough to use it. In a sinister way, the current tech companies did a really (no sarcasm here) great job in making digital technology and all of its means of communication, expression, creativity, ... affordable and easily available to a vast load of people who aren't ...

@z428 this is personal opinion, but: I think democracy came with the lack of centralization and open access for those privileged enough to have access to it. Also I think it means free as in freedom, because companies always charged you to access to the internet from your landline, etc. I guess traffic was never free, but use was. It's an opinionated article but still has good points.

@dfr Well..... I agree with a lot of what has been written there. But ... was the internet really *ever* a democratic thing or something about creation, creativity, ...? Was it ever "free", and what does "free" mean? Gratis (which is what brought us ad- and tracking based capitalism in the first place)? I thin we also should be honest to ourselves and try to understand how we got here before trying to figure out how to fix things...

i feel like the fediverse could really benefit from having an accessibility working group to help adjust the way some features (emoji, content warnings, tagging, general processing flow, UX) in the fediverse work to be more accessible


Catalan, media vent, state violence 

> What at first began as peaceful mass demonstrations has sparked sporadic violence, with protestors setting fire to buildings and damaging property, and police spraying crowds with rubber bullets and water cannons.

Could someone who's not a fascist please teach liberals the difference between property damage and violence?

\o/ répondu 👍

This survey is about the EU-FOSSA project, an initiative by the European Commission to improve the integrity and security of widely used, critical open source software.
#FOSS #logiciellibre #freesoftware

Can someone enlighten me, what's the difference between GNUnet, Freenet and Retroshare?
There seem to be a big overlap with SSB and ipfs too.

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