Is there any good , , , , or otherwise just good - kind of like - that I can get in so-called America? I'm really struggling to find anything. Just a rec for a good alternative to Samsung and Apple would be a start!

Areβ€”are we all getting alts on because MUST JOIN CO-OP?

I, too, feel the urge

if you aren't worried about privacy because you have "nothing to hide", given that state violation of privacy usually happens to minority and high at-risk groups, you should be aware that having "nothing to hide" is a heck of a lot of privilege

Don't let the material conditions of the current world define you too much, not even in a photographic negative way, because all of those structures are going to be abolished.

One thing I feel is a big contributor to burnout is being too focused on the "anti" aspect of left struggle. Being anti-capitalist, anti-racist, etc. Obviously, being those things is good, but defining yourself too heavily by being the antithesis of the status quo is an exhausting endeavor. Try to direct more energy to the post-capital restructuring, and anchor yourself on what you believe in as well. Universal access to material security, education, healthcare, etc. A better world is coming!

Oh shit, maybe I shouldn't have imported my following list from the other account. Oh well, noisy timeline++

I wish I could choose timelines I wanna see on a per instance basis on the main view. That way if I wanna watch a anime mastodon feed instead of the federated timeline, I could.

The Sunbeam City cooperative is now fully up and running! 🌻🌻🌻🎊 Anyone who shares a passion for social justice, Anarchism, ecology, tech or is just curious about cooperatives can join us and help run the co-op and take part in decision-making! Membership costs just one euro a month. We're in very early days so you can help shape our goals and plans.

If you'd like to know more just DM @cocoron or join our chat!

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> Anarchism used to be bursting with utopian imagination. We need to get that visionary impulse back, and then get it to work creating things.

It's awesome to see another #coop instance on the fediverse: πŸ˜€

Got an alt there: @mayel

i'm realizing why i love this place so damn much

it's exactly like the atmosphere of radical openness and affirmation i've always tried to cultivate in every space i get to be a part of, even on a one on one basis. it's home!!

it's okay to not be comfortable yet, or even ever. set the boundaries you need, but know that acceptance, love, and affirmation will be there for you if/when you're ready.

if you're not comfortable in public you better know i'm here for y'all (insofar as i can be!!)

I'd love a community-driven Twitter replacement, but many fizz out. Mastodon may have hit a userbase tipping point, and I'm curious to see how its social and technological issues and limitations are addressed.

How better to embrace a community platform than by joining and contributing to a co-op instance? Thanks for welcoming me aboard.

I'm interested in most things (inc. #politics #philosophy #tv #music #hiking #commodore #c64).

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Question for #ActivityPub developers:

Given that most implementations have rolled their own rather than using the spec's client-server API, has anyone used or considered GraphQL for that?

Awesome to see another instance on the fediverse! πŸ˜€

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a solarpunk instance.