#Lubuntu are switching from the discontinued #LXDE desktop to its replacement, #LXQT, from 18.10 onwards:

They have also announced they are dropping support for 32-bit PCs from 19.04 onwards:

So 18.04 LTS is the last version of Lubuntu that can be recommended for use with older PCs. #Trisquel 9 will be based off 18.04 LTS, and I presume #Mate will remain the default desktop. Trisquel 8 is what I run (for now) on an ancient 32-bit Acer netbook

Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

@tootbrute yeah it's night and day compared to Lubuntu! Manjaro community has done a great job with default configuration :)

@frehi Free and open source software, while nice, is not sufficient alone to stop backdoors in binaries see e.g. schneid.io/blog/event-stream-v

The bar is actually higher and includes reproducible-builds.org and wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Bina

I suggest trying Manjaro with XFCE, that's what I'm using and really enjoying :)
@June @GinnyMcQueen

Bitwarden is just about as good and easy to use as 1password but is also open source.

#UNICEF wants to invest in #FreeSoftware "The Fund provides investment-style funding for early-stage, #OpenSource technology solutions that address the most pressing challenges faced by children and young people", further "UNICEF requires that all code, content or hardware developed and tested be open source and be publicly available."... Great initiative! ungm.org/Public/Notice/82482

@metatron Not other than nothing changing in the Input/Capture section when I plug my headset in (while things change in the Output section). What should I look out for?
@TheCraiggers thanks! I hadn't seen that page on the wiki, though I don't have a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file and my soundcard (ALC255) is unfortunately not listed at http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-kernel.git;a=blob;f=Documentation/sound/alsa/HD-Audio-Models.txt;hb=HEAD
@allien yes to the first question, not sure how to verify the latter

The first event at Radix #hacklab will be a #Tor #meetup and #workshop, on the 25th of January at 19:00, 1st Floor, Kaniggos 34 & Stournari, Exarcheia, Athens, Greece.

Please boost and share with your friends in the area.



Those animals which acquire habits of mutual aid are undoubtedly the fittest.
-- Peter Kropotkin

#anarchism #quote #bot

Tech support question for any users of #Manjaro, #Arch, and/or #XFCE:

Any idea why it's using my laptop microphone instead of the headset mic when I have one with a 3-conductor jack plugged in?

Today it even stopped using any mic at all...

One thing I think Dennis really underestimates though, is the important of #NetworkEffect to the #UX of federated social apps. The most important way for a network comms technology to serve its users is to help them to communicate with as many others as possible. This is especially true in #SocialMedia, when the user's goal is to publish a message they consider important, to as many people as they can. But it's still important in #SocialNetworks, when users want to find their friends.

CRITICAL SECURITY UPDATE: Further details on the Synapse vulnerability affecting all versions prior to v0.34.1 (CVE-2019-5885) . Admins should upgrade immediately if they have not already done so. matrix.org/blog/2019/01/15/fur

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