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Instance recommendations, please! :) 

@bgcarlisle Maybe Perhaps could also be

Not exactly sure what fits you best tho.

The move by US surrounding is quite brazen, considering that 's elected government still operates. Not quite sure what his options are, hopefully could devise a way to help out.

Am fully expecting direct attempts on his life to intensify in the coming weeks.

@ponfarr Not sure if activitypub supports it, but for Mastodon to support it, it would have to have something like a markdown parser go with its editor. It is quite a big task to do this on its own, but a future with that possibility is still there.

Meta (-), accessibility 

@sandrockcstm I don't believe that there's such a thing as a "better than average" personality.

I simply found that people who have a hobby outside of gossip (programmers, writers, musicians) can be more accepting of/overlooking disability than many common people honestly.

You may disagree with this take, but it's meant to do quite the opposite of offence.

Meta (-), accessibility 

@sandrockcstm I didn't mean to tell you that, I meant to say that I am sure that the person who you are character wise would help people to understand not to misjudge you.

I know that first impressions are everything for disabled people (belive me, I know it intimately myself), hence I also know that some people will eventually reevaluate their initial stance towards you based on personality, rather than disability.

This isn't strictly always the case, but it can be.

Meta (-), accessibility 

@sandrockcstm Hopefully your personality could overshine your disability, if you worked together. Btw, high contrast theme will have underlined links soon.

@nerdsorrow At sunbeam steampunks are welcome too :-), as long as they designs help clean, not pollute the atmosphere...

@Wewereseeds @Wewereseeds I thought you were going to say 'What the SOLAR ye PUNKS' and now I just feel like that's a missed opportunity...

@sara Would go with DokuWiki: Easy to setup and looks very nice.

In case you want an already hosted solution, then something like, or might do.

@cronjager @garfiald Reminds me of the '640k of Ram should be enough for anyone' by Gates. It seems like for every invention there's to be someone who says this stuff, like it wouldn't be worth its merit, until someone simply predicts its incoming doom :-)

@Gargron Stupid suggestion, but thinkering with the cable sometimes helps temporarily (what if they're wireless... oops...), and try cleaning ear wax out of them, maybe as they dropped, some got stuck somewhere... πŸ™‚

It's finally here! is live. Currently an open instance, but please read the rules before joining.

This is a #WriteFreely instance devoted to #SFF and other genres of fiction.

There is also a public feed for anyone who wants to see what kind of stuff is being written:

you: too many people want to be artists and thats just tough luck, you cant run an economy like that

me: liberate humanity from wage slavery so everyone can pursue their human interests

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Oh hey! #Sentry, my employer, has an Open Source grant that you can apply for:

"Contributing to open source full-time is an opportunity not available to everyone. We’d like to change that with the Sentry Open Source Grant, which offers funding to an individual dedicated to working on an open source project for three months."

@desvox For me this happens on the latest @Tusky nightly build, when I view someone's profile, and then click on Posts with replies.

Didn't happen in previous builds tho.
In this latest build, sometimes diffferent toots are also liked, then just the ones I actually liked :-)

@cocoron I'd be happy to help with moderation any time, either on itself, or also on the second instance if launched.

I'll then also contribute financially to SCs activities from March onward.

low-budget documentary, no video or audio. it's some documents

An insane thing about capitalism is that "game show judge" is a job that can make you a millionaire.

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