"Global requires large-scale reductions in rich world per capita resource use rates. Globalised, industrialised and commercialised supply paths involve high resource, energy, dollar and other costs. However, “The Simpler Way” involving
small-scale integrated localised settlements and economies can enable enormous reductions in these costs. Most transport,
packaging and marketing costs can be eliminated, and various outputs such as animal manures, kitchen scraps, garden bio-
mass, household grey and black water can be transformed from costly “waste” disposal problems into direct inputs to other
functions such as methane digesters, composting, and fish and animal feeds. [...]

This study uses input–output analysis of one product, , to illustrate how big the difference between the two paths can
be. "

Go to sci-hub.tw and enter this url: doi.org/10.1007/s41247-019-005 to get the paper.

As we're heading towards increasing droughts local becomes more of an issue.

Here is a few very interesting videos by Brad Lancaster showing how it can be used into multiply yielding integrated systems.

Nice example of how and can, and do, exist as mutually beneficent approaches.



"Permaculture was one of the environmental design concepts to emerge from the 1970’s debate over energy and resource availability and was founded on the assumption that the next energy transition would involve the re-emergence of biological systems as central to economics and society. The vision that informed permaculture design, teaching and action saw relocalised food and renewable energy production, revitalised household and community economies and bioregional political structures establishing a permanent (ie. sustainable) human culture."


hey sbc!

I am mango, interested in and . I started a PDC a few months back which I hope to complete in due time. Building things and reading, working together and sharing..

After having read 'The Camille Story, Children of Compost' by I can't stop thinking about culture, and

Here it is: necrocenenecrolandscaping.file

Trying to figure out how to combine struggle with justice and

Hope to be able to share other snippets, texts and ideas of this search.

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