the US government last night gave it's approval of a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria. This area is home to kurdish people who have set up a democratic communalist system of self-government there. It is anti-patriarchal, ecological, socialist and multi-ethnic. This is literally one of the most promising front lines of struggle. It is one of the front lines for . These are the folks that defeated IS. It is now thrown under the bus by the West.

Climate Struggle means supporting Indigineous Struggle 

" Indigenous people are post-apocalyptic. In some cases, we have undergone several apocalypses. For my community alone, it was the destruction of the buffalo herds, the destruction of our animal relatives on the land, the destruction of our animal nations in the nineteenth century, of our river homelands in the twentieth century. I don’t want to universalize that experience; it was very unique to us as nations. But if there is something you can learn from people, it’s what it’s like to live in a post-apocalyptic society."

Nick Estes in

Traditions and experiences of indigenous struggle can help us comprehend what it means to live in post-apocalyptic times. It also brings home that must go hand in hand with

The destruction of the planet is intimately tied with colonialist settler states and their structures.

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