The most effective, available and scalable technology is reforesting our planet. There are practically no downsides to this. could become a driver for a new kind of eco-nomic growth. Imagine a tax-funded initiative to massively deploy forestry programs. This would be a jobs programme as well. Give people housing in the newly reforested areas so they can maintain them. Combine agro-forestry and permaculture techniques to feed the local populations and restore biodiversity. Make it possible for people currently in bullshit jobs or carbon-intensive jobs to retrain to this new system. It is possible. We have the means.

This is what we NEED and can demand. Any future socialist programme needs to be built around the idea of . Of habitats, of colonialisms, of patriarchisms, of inequality.

We have to refute any attempt by and corporations to squander public funds on 'carbon capture technology' and instead insist on ecological carbon capture approaches.

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Here is an example how to do it the wrong way:

Let's analyze what is happening here:

The forests in question are commercial monocultures that are not indigineous to the area. If we want this to succeed we need to these processes, priviledging what is native to an area and making sure local communities have a say and have ownership of the process. Maybe its not the fastest grower or most economical choice. The point is of large scale local ecosystems. Restoration of historical landscapes. If there is some sustainable industry happening in the margins that is ok, but not the main driver.

@mango Yes, that's the point. Basically, sustainable reforestation would mean: take some piece of land and stop doing anything with it. Period ...

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