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"> none of the three things you mentioned are anywhere close to monopolies.

Yes they are. Imagine that I imported alligators to Washington[0] and set up a gumbo resturant in Seattle. I would have a (local) monopoly on alligator meat."


@alexandra different goals than Weblite I assume, but have you heard of Gemini?

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For now I created a organization for #Weblite

I'm thinking we can run a site on Codeberg Pages, and I've already created some repositories for the four top-level specs I identified earlier., is your account? I assume so, unless there's a problem with it I'll give you control of the HTMLite spec repo. I'm gonna work on XMLite at some point soonish and if anyone wants to take lead on CSSLite or Weblite-Resources let me know.

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Not completely serious but not a bad idea either But maybe we should get a few people together and start our own standards consortium for lighter Web standards (XMLite, HTMLite/HTML 6.0, HTMX as a standard instead of a library...) that might actually be possible to implement.

It's kinda funny how the main advantage of cryptocurrency is pointless in Canada because we have Interac e-Transfer.

(Yes, I know crypto doesn't rely on banks etc)

Having a bizarre problem on Arch Linux, where UPower prevents my laptop from suspending. If anyone wants to take a look:

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Reminder that this is the chart shows the carbon reduction that we are expected to believe the state and capitalism can somehow pull off.

I've submitted two new PRs to yt-dlp, to update CBC Gem support. One supports more livestream URLs, and one supports login content, because they fixed the bug where you could download login content without logging in. I'm surprised they caught it so fast, maybe they're watching the yt-dlp repo.

Ontario Covid 

Downloading my QR code from the Ontario website is just straight up not working lol. Just keep getting server errors. I guess I'll try later.

They also say it works without Internet access, which is great. Presumably it is just verifying that the QR code data is signed by the Ontario government's key.

This way, no information on who is being scanned where has to be sent to the government.

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Happy to see that's Ontario's vaccination QR code app is open source.


Put that in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf to prevent streaming videos larger than 1080p from YouTube or other sites. Good for those of without 4K or 8K screens! (Everybody? Lol)

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A proposal, dear reader: Create a list of bookmarks linking to websites you find interesting, and publish it for the world to see. It's a bit strange, almost nobody seems to be doing this. Looking through a sample of personal websites, very few of them has links to other personal websites. A hyperlink isn't a marriage proposal. It is enough to find some redeeming quality in a website to link to it.

Wanted to shout out img2pdf, as it's a very useful tool I use a bunch!

I use it for scanning, as most printers give you an option to download a scan as a JPG or PDF, but don't allow for scanning multiple images into one PDF. So I download each scanned page as a JPG, and get a nice PDF out thanks to img2pdf!

Of course you could also download the PDF versions instead, and I'd recommend pdfarranger to put them into one document in that case.

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tutorial day 7, more devices (and the last day) is now online!

here we talk about the devices in the computer that we haven't covered yet: audio, file, and datetime.

this should be a light and calm end of our journey, as it has to do less with programming logic and more with the input and output conventions in these devices.


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