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comedy bullying 

bad lewd shitpost 

I light a candle after I poop not for the smell but to honor my fallen shit brethen.

why did we start referring to technology as "sexy"? sexy is a word that means something has sex appeal. i mean, if you want to fuck a macbook, that's great, but keep it out of the review

they were so ashamed of this one that they had to write it in small font

Can we talk about how yikes and problematic pasty white techbros referring to hardware as 'sexy' is?

broke: the laptop has a solid construction and eye-catching build
woke: this is one sexy laptop that we can't just tear our eyes away from
bespoke: i am writing this from the hospital as i have put my penis into the optical drive

@lynnesbian I have the Spectre 15. I mean .. it's a nice laptop. I wouldn't want to fuck it, but you know ... everyone has their kinks and there's nothing wrong with that ... just .. just don't fuck my laptop. I would be upset.

Creating an #IMSI catcher using a $20 software defined radio, #Ubuntu and #GitHub. Please note that intercepting cell data is highly illegal and this is only an informative article. I know my #hacker friends will be treating this article as such 😂 #infosec #security #privacy

the great thing about mastodon is the community is small enough you can pretty much follow one of those people who boost a lot and you'll get to know everyone

The best way to divide nerds is to give them two options that do about the same thing in different ways. You know what I'm talking about.

the way
to write a
rupi kaur poem
is to kind of
break it apart

what if
i just
wrote everything
like this
sentences and then i
said my mother was an immigrant
who worked
one of the good ones
--rupi kaur

broke: assuming everyone on the web goes by he/him

joke: referring to people by they/them until you are familiar with their pronouns

woke: checking the profiles of everyone you talk to to find out their pronouns

bespoke: regularly checking the profiles of even your oldest mufos to see if their pronouns have changed because you respect their agency and want to give them space to blossom

What if printers are fine and it's all just confirmation bias? :blobhyperthink:

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