Hoy lxs rebeldes de Bristol tomaron acción en la Embajada de Brasil, apoyando la 1er Marcha de Mujeres Indígenas a Brasilia. Pintaron las paredes de la embajada con spray rojo diciendo "No más sangre indígena". .
Lxs protectorxs de la tierra indígena son amenazadxs, asaltadxs y asesinadxs cada semana en Brasil. "Estos es genocidio, esto es ecocidio." ⚠⚠⚠
Con amor y furia ✊🌍
#WajapiResists #EnoughtsEnough #NenhumaGotaMais #EUSOUWAIAPI #extinctionrebellion #xrargentina #colapsoclimatico #colapsoecologico #emergenciaclimatica #rebelforlife #cambioclimatico #noplanetb #nadaquefestejar #estoesunaemergencia #juventudporelclima #strike4climate #rebelforlife #rebelionOExtincion #RebelatePorLaVida #alianzaXelClima #jovenesXelClima #ningunx #ningunxhabladeesto #FridaysForFuture

if I can't deal with that, imagine publishing it, even if a few hundred read it

it's not like he would destroy everything I wrote and say "it's terrible dude, delete that", he's pretty sweet, but thinking about how he'll interpretate that

just sent some pages of my "book" to a friend that work with literary critic and I get nervous everytime I remember that

so, apparently our (brazilian) bourgeois republic is falling down

lewd, boobs, boosts welcome 

Aaaaaa im back sorry for leaving for a while

There's something about pride they don't teach us in school

I'm sorry guys 

Monday is Moon day, Thursday is Tyr's or Mars day
Anyway, sorry for interrupting, have a nice day 💚

did you guys knew that our heads have magnetic powers? 

my thoughts on Monty Don. 

here I am again 

Oh yeah! This heron was hanging around the one that lives a couple buildings over that I passed most days. I think it was mating season. We get an awesome variety of waterbirds but the herons are everywhere (and charming!).


Having this apocalyptical perception that the world is about to end is so strange, I mean, in 60 years we are going to see the entire earth change radically, our lives are being affected

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