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A free font based on the historical eye charts

(submitted by dcschelt)

a DAT based file-system is pretty futuristic (on the OS level of course). built-in version control, share directly from your computer, view files shared by someone else...

Made a little scripting language, then made a music tracker with that language.

I also wish it would be possible to mute specific "meta-topics" (for example politics or internet or gender or anti-capitalism). topics that I don't care about or that annoy me.

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I wish I could move between instances without loosing any data on the way (following, toots, blocks, followers)

fed up with copy pasting my functional css library I've turned it into a modular js module (heavily inspired by gr8)


I'll surely write about today's P2P event later, but let's ffwd to the last scene where @kodedninja, @raphaelbastide, Vincent/Ogre and I were having a drink in nice small bar... where a dictation was taking place. It was past 9pm, on a Saturday. And yes, most people were actually taking it.

allright, it's really time to make a Beaker Browser based client that you can sync when online and use even while offline

So if you don't mind me telling you again about this event in #Brussels I've been working on for iMAL:


The second speaker this Saturday will be @raphaelbastide

He will talk about art on the #P2Pweb, introducing among other things the #floatingswarm surf club.

He will also co-lead the hands-on #BeakerBrowser workshop with @kodedninja!

All the info is on iMAL website

Putting my #iMAL hat on again to tell you about the thing I've been working on in the past few months:


Our first speaker this Saturday will be Hunor Karamán aka @kodedninja

He'll introduce the #P2Pweb and the #BeakerBrowser.

Later in the afternoon, he will also animate a hands-on #Beaker #workshop with @raphaelbastide

2 quotes from today's stand-up meeting:

"google doesn't work" - oh, I wish it wouldn't.

"yes, we track that" - ah, that hurts.

I feel more and more uncomfortable with some content on the fedi... I guess I haven't really found my place here. I'm sorry, I'm trying...

when you're on a small sailboat,
all your electronics are solar powered.
all your communications decentralized.

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