@kew “correctly portrayed” jesus christ the unabashed arrogance

@kew “it’s only propaganda when the bad guys do it”

@kew “correctly portrayed” whatever you say pal

Image description 

Tweet from Joel Northam:
Me: "Hollywood collaborates with the military industrial complex to manufacture consent for imperialist adventurism while simultaneously whitewashing US atrocities the world over"

Y'all: "You have a lot of wacky conspiracy theories"

Military Industrial Complex:
Image of tweet from U.S. Department of Defense:
It's #Oscars90 Sunday and did you know the #DoD works with #Hollywood to ensure the #military is correctly portrayed in films? Find out how these partnerships work: go.usa.gov/xneSX.

@kew There's an entire book about this called "National Security Cinema."

The Dept. of Defense has final say on what the scripts say, and if they don't like the script, the movie doesn't get made.

They've cut references to veteran suicides and Iran Contra, etc. from movies.

They've done this for North By Northwest, Wonder Woman, Meet the Parents, and god only knows what else.

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