I can’t figure out how to export/import follows so my timeline is all @BoxSystem@plural.cafe and @skelltan

Heard sunbeam might not be shutting down, so I’m gonna continue migrating stuff here for the time being. I like the mission statement here and I’d like to see that realised.

Looks like i’m Moving again, instance reccomendations welcome

[Content Warning] Suicide 


I’m so sorry for your loss, I didn’t know her, but it’s awful something like this happened at all.

[Content Warning] Suicide 

What the fuck happened?

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Re: the recent sunbeam.city announcement — what the fuck happened?

[Content Warning] Capital Punishment 

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Update: At 9:01 CST, Nate Woods was pronounced dead after being murdered for a crime he did not commit.

Rest In Peace, may he be the last to die.

[Urgent][Content Warning] Capital Punishment 

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The execution is back on for tonight. Everyone *please* keep calling them. Even if it feels hopeless, *please*

Live updates:

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Petition to save a man from death row (boost plz, it's a matter of hours!) 

Relaying this reddit post:

"The state of Alabama is poised to execute Nathaniel "Nate" Woods at 6PM local time tonight for the shooting death of three cops that all witness including the convicted gunman say he didn't have anything to do with. You can find the information on the petition website here:

But I'm asking you, especially comrades in Alabama, to make phone calls to the governor's office too. I have extreme anxiety over making these kinds of phone calls for some reason and am trying to work up the courage to do it but I'd feel really good if I could get some other people to call too. You can call governor Kay Ivey's office at (334-242-7100). She seems set to murder this man, but maybe we can put the pressure on to help prevent this. Let's show our solidarity with this man, whose life is being threatened by the State."


Hey folks, I’m @keearis@hellsite.site , I moved here because hellsite and an instance a close friend of mine are now defederated, so I came here.

I’m going to be sending follow requests to all the people I previously followed on my hellsite acc.

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