Btw, Instagram is totally not visible to people without an account now.

They've phased it out over time, hoping no one would notice.

Promote @pixelfed 🌈

@kawaiipunk @pixelfed Great. Hopefully the same will happen with Pinterest so I don't have to see that garbage when I do an image search.

Success! I don't have an account and I haven't noticed. Never been there either though, so that might be why.

@kawaiipunk Also make sure to be super annoying any time someone posts and Instragram link. "I can't see that picture. Can you repost it someplace else please?"

(Not kidding.)

My recommendation: Don't annoy people whose behaviour you want to change. Be nice about it. Instagram's move itself is annoying enough.

@kawaiipunk @craigmaloney FWIW @c0debabe figured out a way past the block, which I don't have handy but I'm sure she'd be happy to share.

@kawaiipunk @c0debabe @noelle I have instagram blocked at the router so I don't need it personally. ALso makes browsing some sites really, um, interesting. :)

@kawaiipunk This is incorrect. Instagram requires logging in only on Tor, as well as certain VPNs, proxy networks, and cloud service providers. Presumably this is to help stop widespread scraping and indexing. Home networks, like mine, are still able to access it without logging in, though it shows a modal to annoy you into signing up after you click or scroll too many times.

@cadence ah yes, well spotted!

I would never have noticed 😁

@cadence VPN. I also use Tor a bit but not in this instance.

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