@xiroux Yes. Although that same night this clip went viral and the residents erupted in protest, and the government relented ... temporarily.

Lots of homes were destroyed with no notice. People weren't even given enough time to quickly empty their houses of their belongings and all of it was crushed underneath the rubble of their homes.

Demolitions that displace poor people in the name of "infrastructural development" and "climate resilience" are ecofascism.

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This video was directly responsible for my radicalization and subsequent participation in the movement against the demolitions, @karachibachaotehreek, which is now a major part of my life.

1.5 years have passed since our protests, court cases, crowdsourced surveys, and social media campaigns (all of which are still ongoing).

In the meanwhile tens of thousands of people have been violently dehoused, lost most of their belongings, and had relatives pass away due to stress-induced health issues.

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Today marks 2 years since demolitions were announced in Gujjar Nala in the dead of night, at the time when most of Karachi was submerged during the monsoon-induced urban flooding of 2020.

Translated: "The District Commissioner has an announcement. Everyone whose home is encroaching on the drain should find alternative living arrangements as their homes will be demolished by 7AM"

If anyone wants to to help affectees of the flood in Pakistan, pls donate to this fundraiser.


It is organized by socialist-feminist collective with a long history of grassroots struggle.

I can vouch for the people behind it. They are always there in times of crisis, standing up to the militarized state dispossessing people of their land and their homes.

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Hi fediverse, we're a housing rights and climate justice activist collective based in Karachi, Pakistan. 👋

For the last two years, we've been working in demolition affected areas along the two largest stormwater drains in Karachi, where 7000+ homes were demolished without due process under the aegis of making Karachi more resilient to floods.

We have also organised against Bahria Town and Malir Expressway, two projects which have displaced indigenous people and destroyed the vulnerable ecology of Karachi's greenest areas, all to facilitate the profits of real estate developers and residents of the city's posh areas.

You can find more of our work on the birdsite[1] and on our website[2] (which we hope to populate with more content soon).

We've joined the fediverse to extend our praxis to the digital spaces we inhabit and to resist the monoculture of surveillance capitalist social media.

[1] twitter.com/stopevictionkhi
[2] karachibachaotehreek.org

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