The 8-hour workday is highly profitable, not because of the amount of work people get done in this time, but because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy.

Started the process of pulling up ivy in the garden today, it's been creeping up and suffocating a beautiful cedar tree for four years now but I never had the incentive to deal with it (figured someone else would get to it eventually) until I realized I could use it to learn basket weaving. It turns out the problem is about five times worse than I thought all this time, but It's actually turning out to be a lot of fun seeing how many intact vines I can pull out, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle :D

why do we have to oppress within our own circles over and over again whenever a new identity becomes more popularly known? when are we going to realize that queerness doesn't and shouldn't have to be based on how you suffer??

questions i wish i had answers to

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If you want a cashless society under capitalism then you want genocide for the homeless.

If you would gladly live in a tiny home but not a trailer....big 🤔 from me

As white people, it’s important, in conversations about decolonization and anti racism (and in the actual work!), that we not fear irrelevance, that we not fear being decentered. When the work begins to discuss futurity where we are uncertain of our role, where our own futurity is erased or overlooked, that needs to be okay. We need to get used to not being the central concern, not having something to say, not asking “what about me?”

does anyone have advice on getting a dangerous organisation removed from campus? a group created by the church of scientology is in our student center all week with a presentation called "psychiatry is death" (it's as horrific as it sounds) we've already created a petition and a letter template for people to email the administration, I'm planning on going there myself today to assess the situation and I'm trying to think of actions I can take that won't get me expelled (as much as i just want to start tearing down the boards myself)

fun Chinese fact of the day: the word for "comrade", 同志, is also slang for "gay"

List of Bootlickers - Not to throw names around, but please hear me out if you're in this list. 

Gay People Who Question Trans Folk
Binary Trans Who Question NBs
Trans People Who Question Furries/Kin, Weird People, Or 'Obnoxious' Trans People

If you're gate-keeping folks for being bizarre and making your fight for acceptance harder

(You know, "making you look bad")

then the core of that objection is that these individuals are making it more difficult to fall in line with an existing sense of normalcy.

That's being a bootlicker. Nobody's perfect, we're all on a path to become better. But a healthy society means letting people BE. Please don't get indoctrinated into presenting yourself in a convenient way to your oppressors.


Can't impeach a president for dropping bombs on brown people, locking up and trying children, hitting turbo on filling the air with carbon or slashing food stamps when wages are stagnant. Or, you know, being a literal rapist.

But you can impeach a president over some shit about Ukraine and Hunter Biden.

This is such unmitigated nerd shit. This is ruling class solidarity nonsense. This is kayfabe. This has nothing to do with me.

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