‪It’s cool how different the New Years sentiment is now than last year. We’re all more tired, but we’re also more willing to place the blame where it belongs - on capitalism and its associated systems - rather than on individuals. One good thing 2018 brought‬

The Hitler/Nazi thing was an asspull, that’s why it made no sense.

When did JK Rowling stop caring about class conflict? That change happened right when the Potter books blew up. She got rich and suddenly the class system she was writing about no longer made sense to her, so she had to come up with another metaphor.

The Potter books got messy when the main political metaphor changed mid series from class conflict, which Rowling experienced personally (and the pure bloods vs mud bloods thing in the early books was definitely written as class tension not race), to a bizarre Holocaust parallel.

Sometimes the best part of your day is finding a nice rock.

My experiences of passion are precious. They are not to be bought or traded. If they cannot be shared, then they will be mine and mine alone. If they will use them to exploit me, then I will bury them where they cannot be found. Let the world starve for it.

It’s a scam, it’s all a scam. 3/3

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Passion is a whip. It is a hair shirt. It promises spiritual fulfilment that work cannot ever offer. It coerces people into thinking that suffering is a worthwhile trade for gains our world finds valueless. It lets people be harmed and then blinds them to the fact that they can fight back.

This is particularly true of the arts, whose practice can be an expression of those rare moments of transcendence. Do not confuse those with economics. 2/3

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I no longer believe in passion.

Let me clarify. Passion is a word tinged with sexual and religious ecstasy, the very height of human joy, an intensity rarely experienced.

It has nothing to do with labour. Your profession is how you sell your labour power. It is a fundamentally material experience, a requirement of continued existence on this Earth. The idea that the same word can be used for such an extreme of human feeling and simple day-to-day enjoyment of one’s work is a farce. 1/3

Gotta say, I'm loving Mastodon's complete absence of bots and nazis. Every one of my eight followers is a real human being.

The real war on Christmas happened in the 1600s, and we already lost, since Christmas is no longer about getting drunk, dressing up like an obscene pantomime horse, and making fun of the church. This is of course the true meaning of Christmas.

One day you’ll wake up and realize that instead of posting online you could have been tossing messages into a peat bog.

I’m kinda interested in talking to you all some more but sadly I have no idea how to post things on the internet

Will I actually use this website? The universe is vast and full of mysteries.

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