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Michael found some Billboard magazine surveys that show UT-Austin as one of the most active destinations nationally for big band touring in the Swing era.

Sahel Sounds will be releasing an EP each month in 2020 for a “Music from Saharan WhatsApp” series. Each one will be recorded on a cellphone and transmitted over WhatsApp to be available on Bandcamp for one month.

The first installment is from Agadez guitar band Etran de L’Aïr.

Interesting recent episode of Afropop Worldwide on the power dynamics involved in vinyl reissues of African music, particularly on the way that Western tastes shape what has been saved.

Some of the “outsider pedal steel” referenced here is new to me and I’m interested to check it out. Drag that Ricky wasn’t named and given credit for a broader influence across the Phosphorescent output. Also, don’t sleep on Gary Newcomb playing with Lil’ Cap’n Travis.

Looking forward to get the hardcopy of Issue #0 of new code::art journal.

PDF version is freely downloadable, and there’s some interesting stuff in here.

We brought this guy, Antonio, home yesterday to start the new year.

I love this colorful installation of felt pieces by Masako Miki. I would love to learn how to felt things; I’d like to understand how to exert a little control over the magic that goes on between the initial construction and the felted product.

I’m catching up with reading I’ve socked away over the last month, and this from Laura Kalbag on personal websites was very good.

Back on Belgium time with most of the workday ahead of me before I expect to hear from U.S. collaborators. The best.

The redesign/reboot of the Public Domain Review that I’ve been working on is finally online.

In the final week of a project I’ve been working on all summer and fall. Looking forward to being able to talk about it.

20 years of late-20th century contemporary music journal Contact archived by Goldsmiths, University of London

Bless the nerd who put this list of Dutch-language Smurfs DVDs and their episode titles on Wikipedia.

I have the Berlin/Kantstraße issue of Flaneur, but haven’t kept up with it. This new Taipei issue looks like it has some amazing colors and typography.

🎵 Quality time with the PayPal Subscriptions API and the Friends of Dean Martinez cover of “Wichita Lineman”

This episode of Upgrade with James Thomson is interesting throughout, but particularly enjoyed the final third or so where a history of DragThing provided lots of 90s Mac shareware development nostalgia (ColdWarrior, Kagi, etc.)

So stoked on Kipchoge’s sub-2-hour marathon yesterday in Vienna. Seems like it must be only a matter of time now that one will happen in proper race conditions.

When trying out a Chromebook a few years ago, I remember being impressed by the Markdown editor Caret, but more as a parlor trick than a reliable tool. Revisiting it at version 4.0, and it has come a very long way.

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