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In the final week of a project I’ve been working on all summer and fall. Looking forward to being able to talk about it.

20 years of late-20th century contemporary music journal Contact archived by Goldsmiths, University of London

Bless the nerd who put this list of Dutch-language Smurfs DVDs and their episode titles on Wikipedia.

I have the Berlin/Kantstraße issue of Flaneur, but haven’t kept up with it. This new Taipei issue looks like it has some amazing colors and typography.

🎵 Quality time with the PayPal Subscriptions API and the Friends of Dean Martinez cover of “Wichita Lineman”

This episode of Upgrade with James Thomson is interesting throughout, but particularly enjoyed the final third or so where a history of DragThing provided lots of 90s Mac shareware development nostalgia (ColdWarrior, Kagi, etc.)

So stoked on Kipchoge’s sub-2-hour marathon yesterday in Vienna. Seems like it must be only a matter of time now that one will happen in proper race conditions.

When trying out a Chromebook a few years ago, I remember being impressed by the Markdown editor Caret, but more as a parlor trick than a reliable tool. Revisiting it at version 4.0, and it has come a very long way.

Avoiding starting to work by creating unnecessary git repositories that will never be filled with documentation.

I miss Phinery tapes. Always simple, beautiful packaging. Writing documentation and listening to this 2017 Vales release.

Pre-sunrise, post-rain frog song coming in through the window over the heavy drones from this Luciernaga/John Lindaman split from Oxtail Recordings.

Sunbeam City 🌻

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