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This episode of Upgrade with James Thomson is interesting throughout, but particularly enjoyed the final third or so where a history of DragThing provided lots of 90s Mac shareware development nostalgia (ColdWarrior, Kagi, etc.)

So stoked on Kipchoge’s sub-2-hour marathon yesterday in Vienna. Seems like it must be only a matter of time now that one will happen in proper race conditions.

When trying out a Chromebook a few years ago, I remember being impressed by the Markdown editor Caret, but more as a parlor trick than a reliable tool. Revisiting it at version 4.0, and it has come a very long way.

Avoiding starting to work by creating unnecessary git repositories that will never be filled with documentation.

I miss Phinery tapes. Always simple, beautiful packaging. Writing documentation and listening to this 2017 Vales release.

Pre-sunrise, post-rain frog song coming in through the window over the heavy drones from this Luciernaga/John Lindaman split from Oxtail Recordings.

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