Tfw there's fediverse drama going on but the Premier is literally vetoing constitutional rights so you don't give a fuck

@joamo okay, so
- after years of consultation, Toronto changed ward (electoral district) boundaries to reflect population changes This would have shifted city council leftward and added 3 councillors (44 to 47).
- former drug dealer turned city councillor turned premier, who has a majority government, pushed through a bill to essentially cancel the election campaign in progress (date is October) and change it to 25 councillors with wards twice as large (to his advantage) +

@joamo - people took them to court
- the judge decided the bill was unconstitutional and said the 47-ward election was back on
- the premier announced he would use the nuclear bomb of constitutional law to override the court decision - can be done in some situations, is often seen as political suicide but will not be in this case
- aaaaaaaaaahhhhh

@nev @joamo Crazy town! Let's not just blame the Premier either. He's a worm, but every MPP who votes for this is unfit for office and needs to go.

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