Time to blow this popsicle stand.

Giving pleroma a shot. I’ll be hanging-out here until something goes wrong:


Bought a trackball to see if it could help with some elbow/shoulder problems I’ve been having and so far I like it.

Wish I would have tried this sooner...

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@jjg I found it hard to agree with that part of the book. Lanier is assigning blame on FOSS for problems created by an entirely different group of people with entirely different set of values.

Second post in a series on the 620:


Next post will probably involve screwdrivers... 😇 🛠️

(you can find the entire series here: jasongullickson.com/tags/solar)

Reading Lanier’s book (“10 Arguments...”) had the less-obvious effect of making me think hard about the free-as-in-beer aspect of (most) .

The claim he makes that this was a mistake, or more specifically that the way they “solved for free” (advertising) paved the way for exploitation of users, warrants considerable thought.

Until we smash capitalism, people who make free-as-in-speech things need money to survive,;using ads for this was a mistake.

What to do next...🤔

@mntmn Are you building Reform on your own, or are you building a team?

I've flirted with the idea of bringing a machine of my own "to market" but I'm not sure if it's realistic to do it alone.

drug adjacent/metaphor 

“Methadon” - a masto instance aimed at treating social network addictions.

The Great Depression lives up to its name.

When people share links to interesting twitter posts here all I take-away from visiting them is how glad I am that I left Twitter.

I don’t think I’d last 5 minutes there now...

Seems like every time I find a way to frame my job so the work is interesting they come up with new and creative ways to suck all the joy out of it.

One lazy/clever route might be to implement a that compiles under the IDE (whatever you call that c-like language it uses).

The Arduino IDE can target the directly, and you could avoid trying to figure out the ESP32's various hardware by leaning on the existing Arduino support.

(assuming that it's possible to implement a Forth in that environment, of which I have no idea...)

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Anyone running on the ESP32?

I came across this thread and with an on the way, it got me thinking...


(thanks @kelbot & @ajroach42 for turning me on to the hardware)

Just finished, recommended for quitters but more recommended to people who don’t plan on quitting.

I’ll have more to say in an upcoming blog post.

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@pixelfed the website (pixelfed.org/) says “coming soon”; is there a way to use Pixelfed now?

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We made so many improvements in #FreedomBox v0.48.0 that it's hard to summarize them all in one Mastodon post!

Check out the full release notes here:

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So *thats* what a -50F windchill feels like...

I find it amusing that my vacuum is not only hackable, but spends its time hanging-out in a chat room.


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