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you: small anti-fascist gathering

me, an intellectual: itty bitty gritty committee

last century: the roaring twenties
this century: the screaming, whimpering twenties

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thinking about the meaning of "performance", oops its about gender too 

This was inspired by another thread but felt like it's own thing

We have noticed that there is sometimes a notion, when the word "performing" or "acting" is used, that something is not genuine. The idea that if something is an act, it isn't *real*.

it's quite the opposite. a good performance comes from somewhere genuine and deep. a good DJ tells their own story to the audience in music. The difference between a singer singing the words, and really _feeling_ them is stark.

a genuine core shines through regardless of skill.

performing takes energy. but it's not inherently fake. and it can be deeply satisfying to do.

this carries to gender as well. "boy" was a character that I hated performing. It was a halfhearted phoned in act necessary for survival. "girl" is only a facet of who i am, but its something I very much enjoy performing. it can be exhausting, and i need breaks, but in the moment it feels right.

i'm jex, i fled to mastodon during the great bowlderization of tumblr. i make music, art, and games, and post about left politics, neurodiversity, jewish identity, and trans shit. but mostly i just shitpost

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partial list of trans holidays:

• Transgender Day of Remembrance
• Transgender Day of Visibility
• Transgender Day of Paperwork
• Transgender Day of Explaining This Shit To Your Parents, Again
• Transgender Day of Dealing With Medical Insurance (formerly part of TDoP but it got too big)
• Transgender Day of Seeing Another Trans Person at the Coffee Shop But They Don't Have Any Openly Trans Signifiers and What Are You Gonna Say To Them Anyway, Hi, I'm Trans Too, How's It Going
• Halloween

Monsterhearts, gender shit 

played monsterherts for the first time in years, and now i'm just reflecting on all the super obvious shit I worked thru in campaigns past. codependency and relationship issues with The Hollow, my relationship with masculinity and testosterone as The Werewolf. I'm the Ghoul this time, wonder what uncomfortable truths about myself that's gonna tie into. what a fuckin great game

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And it's always interesting how they refer to the entirety of HUMANITY as if they familiar with any other system of thought outside of whiteness.

White people are the minority globally, but have cut a swathe through various cultures with brutal violence and theft, which still defines that culture to this day.

In my estimation, I would say they have no idea what humanity really is or is like.

White people want us to believe HUMANITY itself is the problem, which is just a fucked up lie.

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@selontheweb connected neighborhoods, open doors, and communal kitchens need to happen now even though it's already 50 years too late. How many of us live in buildings of hundreds but don't know our neighbors? Why is it the standard that when we need something, we get it shipped from china to our door and make money for billionaires instead of making it ourselves? The whole thing is broken from the bottom up and we're lonely and depressed because of it.

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@selontheweb we took the most diverse and connected generation in history, refused to teach them the basic functioning of society, told them that a nuclear family is the only acceptable way to live, then kicked them into the real world and said "figure out how to produce capital or die." No wonder literally every millennial who wasn't raised in a six-figure household has anxiety.

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@selontheweb crush capitalism, dismantle the atomic society and embrace queerness or the grand experiment is over before it could truly begin.

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the secret to a healthy polyamourous relationship is communism

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i love the start of money machine, it feels like a train of thought that's gone off the rails

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Game design is basically behavioral political science

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Aliens is really too real. Ellen Ripley goes thru this traumatic event, nobody believes her. Her company scapegoats her, takes her ability to work away and orders her to go to a company psychiatrist. And I can only presume they intended to hold her financially responsible for the accident too, even though it was done on company orders.

The whole series would be a lot different with a good union

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Dallas: if we don't investigate that distress signal, company policy dictates you forfeit your share

Nostromo Union Rep: it is illegal for you to even threaten that. Everyone get back to hypersleep and ignore this asshole.

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love my power fantasy, *checks notes* of being a functional human being whose body produces the right hormones and whose brain doesn't break down every 48 hours

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Nick and I just got passed by a van with the license plate "LIL BOOP" reveal yourself lil boop

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Magic-8-ball, Am I stupid?

*The disk moves*


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streaming sites are so ubiquitous at this point and a lot of young people seem to think it's the only way to pirate media, and sometimes I wonder whether that's been planned somehow. It definitely benefits media companies to give piracy the image of being super shady and filled with intrusive ads and malware. And when you ask people how to do it safely the advice is "make sure you have an ad blocker and a script blocker and a flash blocker and a java blocker and put the site in a container tab in an incognito window and for fuck's sake do *not* go to any sites without a paid VPN service that costs more than a netflix subscription"

I mean it could just be web 2.0, an expectation for convenience and one-click solutions and an aversion to downloading anything that you could just run through your browser. It does seem a little too convenient though, considering how widespread this stuff is even among pirate communities

Anyway uTorrent is free and easy and safe y'all

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