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I'm full of pent-up negativity. I should probably write something before I explode.

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You will find that, as you age, it will be the simplest things you miss the most.

Trying to develop a more "natural" diet. So far I've decided on a 16/8 intermittent fasting one, with vegan lunch, vegetarian pre-work out snack and omnivorous dinner. I'm trying to decide on macronutrients proportions, but I think it should be high in protein (and maybe low in carbs, no idea). Feels pretty natural, I hope I can make it work.

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"When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than your ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create."

- Why The Lucky Stiff

I've begun to use youtube and reddit again to compensate for not having anything to do on my phone now, and it's really fucking my time management up. I'm training pretty hard, but I'm having a lot of trouble concentrating when studying. The future's uncertain and the finals are always near, so I better pull my shit together.

Also, I passed the first français exam :blobcoffee:

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talented people are just untalented people who practiced a lot

Came back a little earlier just to tell you people that I won't be coming back that much to mastodon. Probably just once a week to check my mentions (if there are any), and to give some updates on my projects. Other than that, life's amazing without a constant flux of information.

I'm taking two weeks off of Mastodon to sort some things out and prepare some finals

Functioning is turning out to be quite difficult today. Having to turn on my air conditioner puts me in a bad mood.

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I'm getting to a place where I just hate browsing the web, especially on my phone. Websites are so fucking bloated, elements (ads, 99% of the time) pop into place and push the small amount of relevant shit out of the way, the content takes upwards of 20-30 seconds to load. It's really almost as if people don't want us viewing their sites.

"Zanshin is choosing to live your life intentionally and acting with purpose rather than mindlessly falling victim to whatever comes your way." It's "the act of living with alertness regardless of whether the goal has already been achieved."

(Not sure how correct this is, but I like the concept very much)

I've gotten rid of the need for consuming new content constantly, now comes phase deux: cleaning my wallabag unread list and my youtube 'watch later' playlist. It involves reading/watching and distilling everything worth it, archiving those entries related to projects not in development and deleting the rest.

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Anyone has contrasting views on this subject? It follows my own thinkin too much and I would like to consider the alternative.

I don't agree with the part where Aaron said "It seems like the whole thing would work just as well even if nobody ever read the Times or watched the cable chat shows. It’s a closed system." I don't think news coverage is a closed system at all. In fact, the influence they have over politicians comes from their ability to create short bursts of outrage. Vargas Llosa explained in an interview how he lost Peru's presidential elections due to media campaigns directed at polluting his public image.

I do agree with all the rest though: news is, to me, pure noise. Not only that, they are also decreasing the ability of people to read long-form writing that requires critical thinking to understand, by pushing hundreds of mediocre articles per day that give readers easy to digest ideas that they can later repeat as their own.

Found quit pleasing how my home screen looked when that song was being played :)

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Link instead of own ideas 

Sorry, but this guys put some words down that sort out some of the tangle in my head better than I have yet. Maybe some day I'll write something similar but for now:


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Bought an analog camera! :D time to learn some photography

The local timeline was a place I used to see what was up with people I didn't follow since their posts weren't related to what I'm interested in doing, but that I wanted to see what they were up to from time to time. Lately it's become to much to handle. Too much noise to be filtered out.

Began experimenting a bit with myself today:
Ginseng/guaraná/magnesio as a nootropic, and vitamin D. Not tracking anything useful, but I'll see where it takes me.

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