picket chants 

semi-woke: the workers united will never be defeated!

woke: no drinkin in scab boozers!

ultra woke: scabby bastard pay yer staff! :blocblob:

solarpunk is anticapitalist
sorry not sorry

:_earth: 🌻 :_earth::_earth:🌻 "Learning Gardens"
I was actually doing some surfing of text-only low bandwidth websites and discovered this "network of self-organized learning groups" so yeah...
(I never knew Colorado had their very own domain) 🤣

I mean fundamentally yeah I get it no one can envision any other way to change anything except using conventional politics so you hopelessly cling to the democrat party.
But I believe there are other ways and I'm not alone.
Check out @SymbiosisRev@twitter.com and @dsa_lsc@twitter.com you cowards!

it's like selling the detritus of capitalism for very cheap, which gives it some points I suppose. but it's like if a bargain bin was the size of an entire store. everything is everywhere, in some cases making it actively harder to buy things. there was literally piles of comic anthology books - the kind that sells at b&n for $25 - for $4, but they weren't even arranged with the spines facing out, you had to dig through the piles to even see what was there. and on top of all this, they had giant pictures of their kinda creepy cartoon mascot every ten feet. it just... didn't feel of his world. 100% a liminal space

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Dude why is no one talking about Grimes' fashy new song

Regardless the malthusian currents within Leftism must be expunged.
Putting the onus of environmental devastation an individuals is the greatest capitalist lie in all history.
The death cult of liberalism manifest.

Hey friends. Let me share with you my project that I have been workingo n for a couple years. It is my new album, The Meatmachine. I'm learning a lot of things .


"IWW less than a spotify subscription" is something i saw someone say and i "really felt that"

Lenin: Reforms are concessions obtained from a ruling class that retains its rule. Revolution is the overthrow of the ruling class.

Jesus jesus take me from this planet you're the leader I'm your little rabbit

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