@InternetEh In Georgia I voted straight Democratic as a vote against white supremacism and voter suppression, and I understand how that vote doesn't mean the same everywhere, but here it's pretty fucking clear

Politics and vote shaming 

@InternetEh the White House, presumably

the stimulus 

@InternetEh In my memory, the categories included things like "current events" and "politicians Wolf Blitzer has interviewed"

Politics and vote shaming 

@InternetEh yeah, that money probably should have gone to Wisconsin and Michigan

the stimulus 

@InternetEh I see now that you have 🙃

Politics and vote shaming 

@InternetEh I lived in NY in 2008 and 2016. They didn't put any resources in

the stimulus 

@InternetEh not to change the topic, but have you seen the celebrity Jeopardy episode with Wolf Blitzer? He does not come across as a smart or well-informed person

@redoak I keep wanting to suggest R, but there's a bit of a... learning curve

@liaizon If it's the Muji .38 mm then I probably know them

@RedFuture @InvaderXan iirc my parents said they sold it at University of Maryland football games

@Thomas I used to live in NYC. I never had rats inside. I did here. I once saw a rat the size of a cat in Atlanta. OTOH, I rat once ran across my foot in Brooklyn, and they do run in herds uptown

@Thomas I live in Atlanta. We definitely have rats

@a_breakin_glass I think the bags are traditionally filled with corn kernels

@gomez @Drops someone I follow on the bird site said students would email him mp3s relabelled as final_paper.doc (to try to scam extra time by claiming the file was cities) and he would play them back to them on VLC

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