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I'm a plant noob who is always grateful for advice. 💚

Some of my interests are

Pleased to meet you!

Curlew update. They have moved again today, out on to the grass. I put the 2x teleconverter on my 400mm lens to get some nice closeups.

#bird #birb #AustralianWildlife #BushStoneCurlew

Spring check-in. Took the wire off the bed, and combed through all the leaves, looking for ANYTHING that wasn't saffron and weeding it out if that was the case. This is when it's imperative to get out any grass runners that might be trying to start.

The leaves are still alive but dying back slowly and once they are all brown, I will leave them in place and cover them with compost.

Not entirely sure how Violet manages to be comfortable with her bottom hanging off the deck like that!
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every time i think, "wow, that's a nice big, well developed leaf," it goes and puts out an even bigger, more developed looking leaf. you go!!

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strawberry seedlings 

I'm hoping for strawberry seedlings any day now, if last year gives me any clue, so we'll see how they fare. want to be swimming in berries!! one day!!

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apple seedlings 

i've gotten two surprise apple seedlings. from the compost. they seem happy as can be. they don't even care. will probably move them and try to bonsai them or something bc why not.

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oregano seedlings 

oregano sprouts seem pretty happy so far. slow growing, but not unusually so, i'd say. bright green.

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rosemary seedlings 

rosemary really seems to like relatively chilly temperatures to sprout. i didn't expect to get seedlings so soon if at all (two of them!), but i guess i just planted when it was too warm in the past. unfortunately, they also look pretty unwell.

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thyme seedlings 

i planted thyme in two cups. all the sprouts in one cup died, and in the other cup they still look a little sickly. they're still growing, so I guess I'm hoping they'll recover.

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anyway let me tell you about my attempts to start seeds in compost. i tried baking it first to kill off some germs and stuff, but i don't think i did a good enough job.

just complaining 

renting isn't fun and i basically am banned from the path to my own back door and i'm disappointed 😔 boo hoo

commonwealth strawberries, painted by amanda almira newton, 1914

i have yet to see a lot of flower/plant activity around here yet, but ...
i found this super cool lil piece of lichen today with really prominent apothecia (fungal reproductive structures)!

From 2015: This particular variety of crocus is seen mostly in the Pacific Northwest. 😉

#slugs #gardening #pnw #florespondence

Crocus vernus, aka the spring crocus, getting ready to do its spring thing.

Some of the spring didn't do so well during the overnight freezing temps. Frost-burnt clumps like this can be found all through my neighborhood.

Seattle only really gets this cold when we have almost no cloud cover.

The flash of bright yellow caught my eye, and I found this hardy little growing in a patch of weeds, outside the veggie bed.

I may try and dig this up and relocate it.

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